Tuesday, March 20, 2018

My Morning Routine

I always love reading these types of posts and dreaming of the day when I have my life together enough to have a morning routine. Well, guess what? Now I do! To implement this morning routine I had to start waking up about an hour earlier, so there is some sacrifice if you want to create a morning routine, but the benefits are AMAZING. It's time straight away in the morning to do stuff for YOU and you feel like your day is off to a great start before you get to work. So, here is what I do for my morning routine!

Get up around 5:45

My alarm to wake up goes off at 5:30. I either get up right then (sometimes this happens), or enjoy a slower morning (this happens more often) and fit in some last minute cuddles with my cat and maybe a scroll through Instagram. However, 5:45 my second alarm goes off and that's when I get out of my bed to start my day!


As you might know, your body needs to be re-hydrated when you wake up each morning, so the first thing I do is drink some water. I usually try to drink about 30 ounces of water before I leave for work. I never would have believed this before, but actually drinking water helps me wake up and ready for the day way better than caffeine ever did!

Listen to Something Uplifting

I try to listen to something that will motivate and inspire me in the morning whether that be a podcast, audiobook, or sometimes a good playlist. This just helps to get my mindset in the right place for the day so I'm starting my day off with positivity and getting good ideas. I like to listen to Super Soul Conversations (I swear it's not an affiliate link, I'm just obsessed), Pre-Workout Chats, and I just started listening to Rising Strong by Brene Brown on Audible.


While I'm listening to my podcast or audiobook, I get my morning workout in. Like you've probably heard a thousand times, working out in the morning helps to get your energy levels up and keep your metabolism going strong. It's so good to get it done in the morning because then I don't have to worry as much about doing it when I get home from work. My favorite is to do strength training in the morning, but some days I force myself to do a HIIT workout.

Wardrobe & Makeup

Of course I have to get ready for work, so at 6:30 I hop in the shower, get dressed for the day, then do my hair and makeup. For hair I usually just wear it down or half up. For makeup I have primer from Smashbox to try and calm down the redness in my cheeks and then Maybelline for the rest of my face, BB cream from Maybelline, powder foundation and bronzer from Physician's Formula, and Lorac highlighter. For eyeshaddow I usually put on one of my Tarte palets (Tease or Chocolate), liquid eyeliner from Loreal, and mascara from CoverGirl. The last step is a spritz or two of setting spray from Urban Decay. It's a definite mix between low and high end products, but it works for me. 

Get lunch ready

I take my lunch to work most every day. I try to prep some meals on Sunday and then I make enough food for dinner to have leftovers later. This makes it really easy in the morning as I just grab a pre-made container of vegetables and a pre-made container of my main dish and put it in my lunch bag. The hardest part is remembering to put in silverware!


Now for the best part - breakfast! My go to is Oats & More cereal with strawberries. I pour myself a bowl and then sit down with it and have a scroll through Instagram. On days when I'm running short on time, I grab a banana and trail mix to eat when I get to work.

That's my routine! I've been sticking to this for the past 4 weeks and I really like it. It puts me in a positive mood and gets me energized and ready for my day.

How do you start your day on a positive note? Do you have a routine or just try to make it to work on time?