Saturday, March 3, 2018

March Goals

Hello March! This month has been long awaited as it's when we transition from winter to spring. I have been dying for nice, warm, spring weather so hopefully this month brings some warmer days and more sunshine (fingers crossed). I'm a big believer in setting goals, so here are my goals for the month of March.

Follow Blogilates Workout Calendar

I love Cassey Ho's workouts on YouTube. They're perfect for at home workouts since they generally don't require any weights or other gear because they're Pilates workouts. She also has free monthly calendars on her blog. This is super helpful since it gives you your workout plan for each day to follow. This takes the guess work out of trying to come up with a workout plan on your own and trust me, her workouts are KILLER! I started following her plans the last week of February when I finished my Tone It Up challenge, and I felt my muscles like never before!

Read 2 Books

Same goal as last month's goal. Lately I've been listening to Rising Strong as my current audiobook and Catherine De Medici is the physical book I'm working on. I'm pretty good about listening to audiobooks, especially when I'm on the road for a few hours when I go to visit my parents. My struggle is sitting down with a book, and reading a chapter or two. I like reading, and Catherine de Medici is a person who interests me after watching Reign, so it's not a lack of interest. It's a lack of dedication and a failure to make time for reading and making it a daily habit. This month I will read for 30 minutes at 6 or 7 pm (depending on whether I watch the news or not). Feel free to check up on me and see if I'm sticking to this plan!

Use My Time Wisely

With getting healthier, work, blogging, reading more, and everything else that happens each day, it's super important that I'm using my time wisely so I can get everything done and still have some time to relax. My basic plan is to follow a routine during the week, and wake up early on the weekends. My week day routine is pretty much down to include workouts, it will just be adding in reading time this month. My weekends have less of a routine, but my goal is to wake up and start my day before 9 am so I can have plenty of time to get things done and do something a little different and fun to shake up the regular routine.

Update My Living Room

In January and February I worked on updating my bedroom. This month I'm going to focus on updating my living room. I've had a lot of the same pieces in my living room for a few years and I haven't rearranged my living room since I moved in last May, so I'm ready to change a few things!

Do you have any goals for March? How are you planning to achieve them? Let me know in the comments!