Tuesday, February 27, 2018

February In Review

Month 2 of 2018 is almost in the books! February hasn't been too exciting, but it's still been pretty good. I've continued working on my goals, including my big goal for the year of getting healthier. I got to meet up with my friend who lives a few hours away for brunch when she came up to visit family. 

Like last month, I figured I'd take some time today to chat about how I'm doing on my goals, what's been happening here on the blog, and share a few of my favorites from this month.


I love setting goals and having things to work towards. If you'd like to read more about my goals, check out this post

Read 2 Books |   I finished my second audiobook of the year, Romantic Outlaws about Mary Walstonecraft and her daughter Mary Shelley. They were both so extraordinary for their time and so interesting to learn about. I started a book about Catherine deMedici as well, but haven't made much progress. I also finished my first physical book of the year, Tone It Up. That makes 2 books this month, so I completed my monthly goal!

Complete Tone It Up Challenge |  I finished my 4 week challenge and am officially down 15 pounds and 2 inches around my waist. More importantly though is how I'm feeling. I feel much more energetic and positive. I'm trying lots of new recipes and my mom is a bit jealous of the meals I'm making. I'm planning to keep this up throughout the year by continuing to try different healthy recipes and follow different workout calendars.

Continue Blogging Once A Week |  I've been feeling so much more creative this month and have loved it. I've been writing lots of blog posts, publishing once a week, sharing a lot on my Instagram Stories, and trying to take more photos as well. Blogging for me has freed me up to feel less pressure, and blog more about what I care about. This has helped me to be more creative and easily blog once a week, which was a real struggle last year.

Redecorating My Bedroom |  I added 2 more piece of wall art above my bed, finishing that area of my room. After organizing the stuff I have at my parents' house, I was able to add a set of drawers in my closet for extra storage and I added under the bed storage for my gym clothes using some empty boxes I already had at my apartment. The big, round, gold mirror hasn't been added yet. I'm really picky about decor, so I'm keeping an eye out for the perfect one.

On the blog

I published 3 blog posts this month. I chatted about my goals for the month, little ways to improve your mental health, and how I'm using a journal to stay accountable in my fitness journey. Clearly, health has been on my mind - both physical and mental!


Some things I've been loving this month are:
Trying new recipes - I've been cooking lots of new recipes this month. I used to love cooking, but kind of fell out of it. With trying to eat healthier, I've been trying lots of new recipes and it's reminded me how much I love cooking! I've loved making some no bake energy bites (like this recipe) and lots of healthy, tasty meals. I've already picked out a new recipe to try each week of March! 
Rewatching Without A Trace - I love crime shows, and this series from the early 2000s is one of my favorites. It's a drama about these FBI agents who find missing people. I love the mystery and trying to piece together what happened. I've been rewatching it since they started playing reruns of this series on Escape, one of the few channels I get since I don't have cable. Now this show is always on in the evenings at my apartment,
CambriaJoy - I am loving Cambria Joy's videos because her filming/editing is flawless, she's so positive, and I love the bloopers at the end. Some of my favorites are this video about starting a healthy lifestyle and this one about waking up early.
3 Years On | What Blogging Has Taught Us - I love this reflective post from Lauren & Rachel at The Flower That Blooms. I've learnt the same lessons and reading it reminds me of why I love blogging.
#RealTalk: Being Authentic Online - This post by Amelie at A Wanderer's Adventures is an honest look at how difficult it can be to be authentic online and how easy it is to change yourself or only post things that you think will look good or make your blog popular.
Not All Those Who Blog Are Lost - I think a lot of bloggers have been feeling kind of lost and overwhelmed by all the pressure to have amazing content, tons and tons of pageviews, and perfectly styled and edited photos. This rambly post from Lauren Evie goes through her own struggle with this and is so relatable.

How has your February been? Let me know in the comments!