Tuesday, January 23, 2018

3 Changes I Made This Month

January is notorious for being a month of starting and failing at new year's resolutions. This month I started to make some changes to improve my health I think health is something that everyone is always trying to improve, but hard to stay committed to. These are 3 changes that I feel have really helped me to improve my health and stay dedicated to it.

Started a fitness journal.

Casey Ho from Blogilates has a video where she gives a few tips to help people improve their health and lose weight. One of her tips was to start a fitness journal and in it record everything you eat and the workouts you do. Of couse, I'm all about the journaling anyways, so I took an empty notebook from my collection and turned it into my fitness journal. It really makes you more aware and accountable for exercising and eating right. It also gives you space to reflect on how the changes you're making are improving your life. If you're interested in reading more about how I use it, here is a post I wrote all about it!

Bought (and followed) a fitness book.

Another YouTube trainer I like a lot are Karina and Katrina from Tone It Up. They have a new collection out at Target with workout gear, protein shakes, and a book. I felt like it was worth it to spend some money to get me a bit more motivated to work out and eat healthy, so I bought their book which you can find here. I looked at a few other options, but I'm so glad I went with theirs. I love the positivity they put out in both their videos and book. They also pack the book full of information in a very conversational way and help you to improve not only physically, but mentally as well. On top of all that they walk you through 4 weeks of excising, eating better, improving yourself and gaining more confidence! This is wonderful because it takes some of the planning out since the exercises are laid out for you each day and they give you lots of healthy recipes to try each day!

Cut out soda.

I am a bit of a soda addict. I love having it as my caffeine in the morning and at lunch. However, its super bad for you and I know it doesn't have any benefits. So I decided to cut it out! First I gave myself the goal of going 5 days without a soda, and then rewarding myself with some new workout clothes (much needed as mine are all from college). Then I just kept re-setting that goal with a new reward. Hopefully it gets to the point where I don't even think about it!

What are you doing to work towards your goals? Have you made any changes? What helps you stay fit? Let me know in the comments!