Thursday, October 19, 2017

Day 19 | How to Make Waking Up Easier

I am not a morning person. Getting out of bed in the morning is a struggle. Getting up and going is yet another struggle since I move at glacier speed when I'm tired. I have to get past these morning struggles quickly though because I have to be out the door shortly after 7 am. These are a few tricks I've learned to help make waking up a bit easier.

4 ways to make waking up easier

Turn on a light

Waking up is hard enough, let alone in autumn and winter when you're waking up when it's still dark out. Turning on a light, even just a small lamp, helps convince your brain that it is indeed morning and time to wake up. Last year I even had my lamp on a timer so it would turn on 15 minutes before my alarm went off to help me wake up a bit more naturally.

Play music

In the morning I like to play an upbeat playlist, especially one like my Throwback playlist. It's hard to stay in bed when your favorite song is playing and making you want to dance. It also makes getting ready so much more fun.

Use alarms

I have 4 alarms go off every morning. Excessive, but they're for different reasons, not just to get up! The first alarm is my "If I wake up now I can check my phone for a few minutes (or I can sleep)" alarm. My next alarm goes off 15 minutes later and that alarm means I have to get up and going. I have a third alarm that goes off and when that one goes off I should be halfway ready. If I'm not it's time to speed it up! My last alarm is to push me out the door. The alarms help me since I'm not usually looking at the clock while I'm getting ready and since I live alone I don't have anyone to tell me I'm running late and need to get going.

Think of something to look forward to that day

This is a tip a mentor gave me once, and its one of the best pieces of advice I've ever gotten. Having at least one thing to look forward to each day, even if its something little like a new episode of your favorite show or what you're having for lunch, helps you be a bit more positive and excited about your day. And if you're excited about your day, you want to get up and going!

Are you a morning person? How do you make waking up easier? Let me know in the comments!