Monday, October 9, 2017

Blogtober 9 - Weekend Wrap Up

Well, I made it 5 days before I skipped a few days of Blogtober - oops! I didn't take any photos this weekend (other than of my cat), but hopefully you'll still be up to hearing about my weekend and what I did instead of keeping up with Blogtober.


Friday was all about teaching. After school I decided to straighten up the desks in my classroom, and before I knew it I had rearranged all the desks in my classroom. It's a pretty awkward arrangement, but I can't get all the desks I need in my small classroom, plus the space I want to walk around and desks facing forward without it being weird - teacher struggles. I'm thinking about going deskless, but I'm not quite sure about some of the details.

Then I spent my evening lesson planning for Dia de los Muertos. It's November 1st and 2nd, but we'll start talking about it in a couple weeks so they have a brief idea of what it is and then we'll learn more on November 1st and November 2nd we'll read a little story based on the song "Calaverita" by La Santa Cecilia and listen to it. I'm pretty excited about this holiday in Spanish class so I'm happy to have all my materials ready for it!


I actually got up and did stuff on a Saturday morning for the first time in forever. I knew my friend was coming up from out of state so I tried to get some stuff done around the house. I cleaned my house up, visited the Goodwill and Dollar General for some school supplies I wanted for my classroom (I'm telling you, teaching never ends!), and did some to-do list making in my bullet journal.

I met up with my friend first for ice cream at a local place. She got a chocolate cone and I got a banana split "storm" which is like a blizzard or concrete. So good, but so messy! We went to a couple stores, including Michael's where I got 2 new Dia de los Muertos decorations for my classroom (I'm telling you, all about this holiday) and a new planner for 2018! I'll share it with you later this week :)

In the evening we watched Bad Moms since I hadn't seen it and my friend was convinced I needed to see it. She was pretty much right. We also watched Gal Gadot on SNL, which was hilarious. There were so many good skits! 


My friend spent the night, so we slept in a bit before going out for lunch. We went to a local fried chicken place and it was delicious. The best part was these perfect cinnamon buns. They were the sweetest, most delicious treat. 

After that she headed back home, so I went back to my apartment, straightened up a bit and intended to get stuff done, but...watched some Netflix instead. I did manage to tick a few more things off my to do list before the day ended, though! I made a meal for later in the week and did a bit of laundry. 

How was your weekend? What are your tips for getting stuff done and staying productive on the weekends? Let me know in the comments!