Monday, October 16, 2017

Blogtober 16 - Weekend Wrap Up

This weekend was a bit special since it was my dad's birthday, my siblings in college were home, and my youngest brother who's a senior in high school had one of his last band competitions. 

Weekend Wrap Up for October 13-15


Friday was my dad's birthday, so after work I stopped at my apartment just long enough to pack a little bag, get his gift and my cat, Maya so we could head to my parents' house for the weekend. I feel so bad leaving her all week that I feel like I have to bring her with me, especially since she loves playing with their cat. By the time I got to my parents' house, we only saw each other for a little bit before I went to bed.


Saturday all my siblings came home from college and we all went to my youngest brother's band competition. Luckily there was one other school's band between his and the school I teach at so I got to see both my brother play and some of my former students (since I'm now at the middle school, not high school).  We went out for lunch and then we watched a movie when we got home. Later, my dad opened his birthday gifts.


I slept in, did a little bit of blogging, and spent time with my family before heading back to my apartment. When I got back to my apartment I did some planning in my bullet journal, did some chores, picked out my outfits for the week (very important as it's parent-teacher conferences!) and cooked dinner. Did a bit more blogging and watched Poldark, which is a great drama I've gotten into watching this month.

How was your weekend? What do you do to prepare for a busy week? Let me know in the comments!