Sunday, October 1, 2017

Blogtober 1 - Am I Really Doing This?

I've always wanted to do Blogtober or Blogmas, but I'm never confident that I can fully commit to posting everyday or that the content will be good enough. Well, this year I'm doing it! I'm still not confident that I really will be able to post everyday or that the content will be good enough, but I'm doing it and I'll figure out the rest later. Because that's how you do things, right?

Blogtober Day 1 - Am I Really Doing This? An Introduction

Let's start off with a little introduction for anyone who's new. I've been blogging here on Courtney's Little Things for about 3 years. I started this space as more of a college lifestyle blog as that is where I was at in life. Over the past year though I have graduated college, started working full time, moved to a new city, and gotten a cat (that's a life event). Last year at this time I was very unsure of how to manage everything as a "real" adult, but now I feel pretty confident despite not being an adult at all according to a recent Buzzfeed quiz I took.

So now that I've got a year of teaching under my belt, figured out what I'll be teaching every 6 weeks, and have a decent grip on real life, I'm going to attempt Blogtober. I feel like this will be a fun way to challenge me and get me more involved in blogging again since I've been feeling a bit left out of the blogging community lately. I felt pretty connected as a college blogger, but now I feel like I'm starting over in a new niche. If you're looking for some blogging friends, too say hi in the comments!d

Have you ever done (or attempted) Blogtober? Any tips? Let me know in the comments!