Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Blogober 11 - How I Use a Bullet Journal and Planner to Stay Organized

I am all about my planners. Yep, planners. I use a bullet journal and a planner to stay organized. Earlier this year I was just using a bullet journal to stay organized and it was working pretty well, but couldn't find a good way to plan ahead that wasn't too time consuming. So since July I've been using a planner for most of my organizing, but I still use a bullet journal for making lists and keeping track of all the projects and things I'm working on. I like that in my bullet journal I can make my lists as long as I want without running out of room and if a page looks too messy, I can just make a new page for that list or that day. A traditional planner works really well though for basic daily to-do lists and keeping track of all the different events and appointments that are scheduled far in advance. Here's a look at how I use both my planner and bullet journal to stay organized.

A Peek at My Planner and Bullet Journal

My favorite part of bullet journaling is having one central location for all the lists and ideas I have. The most useful list I like to make are brain dumps, or where you just write down all the tasks and ideas you have in one giant list, then break it up into more manageable parts later. This works really well for me, because I always have so many different tasks that I need to get done at home, at work, and other aspects of life. Being able to get all of those tasks on paper helps me to think through what tasks need to be done first and how to tackle bigger projects. 

I love decorating and using planner stickers in my planner to make it look more cheerful and pretty. It makes planning and getting organized more fun and enjoyable. I use a Happy Planner (not sponsored in any way) and it's divided into 3 parts for each day. Each day I use use one box for my at home to do list, one box for my work to do list, and 1 box is extra to write fun plans or something good that happened that day.

Thats a quick look at how I use my planner and bullet journal to stay organized. What do you use to stay organized? Let me know in the comments!