Tuesday, October 17, 2017

6 Free Things To Do When You Have No Money

I grew up being taught to be aware of how much money you have, spend less than what you make, and other good money management techniques. Now that I'm a "real adult" (kind of), I'm trying to actually use those techniques and I'll admit, it's more difficult than I thought! I have had to let go of some extras and find more free things to do, especially on a new teacher's budget! If you're in the same spot as me, I have a few ideas of free things you can do when you have no money to spend on extras.

6 Free Things To Do When You Have No Money

Watch a movie

Watch a movie you own, but haven't seen in a while. Make it an event by pulling out some snacks, setting up all the blankets and pillows, and turning off the lights.

Visit the library

Visit your local library, walk up and down the rows and rows of books, and find a good book to read. I'm able to find a lot of the books that I want to read at my library and even find some other titles that catch my interest and find their way on to my reading list!

Visit a park

Head over to a nearby park and go for a walk, take pictures, or just hang out. To me, nothing sounds better than enjoying some nature, doing something (mildly) active, and finding some beautiful views to photograph.

Read outside

There's nothing better than sitting outside, enjoying the sunshine (while it lasts) and reading a good book. In summer and early fall I like to sit outside on my porch and read one of the books that have been sitting on my shelves.

Take some selfies

Not just weird faces to send your best friend (although that's good, too). Get all dressed up and then master the art of the selfie. You'll have some nice, new pictures to post to Instagram or to use for a new profile pic.

Learn about something that interest you

With the internet and all the free resources it offers, there's really no excuse to not be learning something new, even if you're low on cash. Whether you prefer learning via YouTube videos, podcast, or articles anything that interests you is just a search away.

What are some other free things you like to do? Are you going to try any of these ideas? Let me know in the comments!