Tuesday, October 3, 2017

5 Ways to Make Your Home Cozier for Colder Months

It seems like most people are super excited for the colder months to get here. With new fashions, new drinks at Starbucks, and of course the holidays coming right around the corner there is a lot to be excited for! I get most excited about the darker colors, wearing all of my sweaters and cardigans,  visiting the pumpkin patches, and making my home super cozy for the colder months. I thought I would share a few of the ways I'm making my home cozier this month, so let's get to it!

5 ways to make your home cozier for fall and winter

Hang up twinkle lights.

I think all bloggers have an obsession with twinkle lights anyways, but there's just nothing that feels more cozy than turning the twinkle lights on when I get home. I love the way they give soft light all around the room. It's the perfect amount of light, especially when the sun starts going down earlier.

Have fleece blankets everywhere.

As it gets colder out, there's nothing better than cuddling up on the couch with a soft, fleece blanket and a good book. I have a collection of blankets and I put a blanket on each chair, the end of my bed, and on the couch in my apartment. 

Light candles.

It's time to break out all of the warm apple pie, pumpkin spice, cinnamon rolls, and any other delicious fall scented candle you have. Place them on the kitchen counters, end tables, and any other space available. Lighting one in the evening adds just a little bit more cozy light and such a great scent throughout the room.

Add seasonal decor.

My favorite seasonal decor this time of year are pumpkins and gourds. I can't get enough! I have some porcelain pumpkins (yep, it's that crazy) plus I love getting some from the pumpkin patch each year. There's also the sunflowers, mums, and basically any yellow or orange flower to brighten up your place. I also love the cute forest animal themed art pieces - anything with owls, foxes, or squirrels is perfect!

Change your bedding to flannel sheets.

Once it's cold in the evenings, there is nothing better than having some warm flannel sheets to cover up with as you sleep. I love all the fun designs that comes with the flannel sheets whether its plaid, forest animals, or snowflakes. I'll be getting a new set of flannel sheets this year and I know the decision of which design to get will be a tough one!

What do you do to make your home cozy for colder months? Do you have an obsession with fall and winter decor? Let me know in the comments!