Tuesday, July 4, 2017

June Favorites No. 2

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Hello! (I never start my posts off like that, but I just felt like it for whatever reason and I'm going with it) I didn't post a monthly favorites last month because it was a super busy month for me. In May I went on a weekend trip with my best friend to Las Vegas, finished up my first semester as a teacher (what!?), packed up my classroom so I could move from the Jr./Sr. High to the Middle School in August, and moved apartments so I would be closer to my school. Busy!

This month has been MUCH more relaxed. I didn't get a summer job so I have been able to relax, focus on my blog, and figure out how to set up a middle school Spanish curriculum. I've been enjoying this month and having so much freedom.

A few of my favorites from June 2017


I went to the movies with my brother for his birthday and we saw Wonder Woman. Of course, I loved it. It definitely lived up to the hype. It was awesome to see such a strong and caring female character in a superhero movie. I thought they did an excellent job with the execution of the movie and I cannot wait to buy this when it comes out on DVD. Really, I can't recommend this movie enough.


I am probably the worst with Netflix. I don't binge-watch shows and I tend to watch the same 10 series over and over. If you have any Netflix recommendations, please leave them - especially for comedies. 


I have several songs I've been obsessed with this month. The first one I have to crank up the volume whenever it comes on the radio, and that's "The Cure" by Lady Gaga. I love this song and think it's such a great message. While I've always loved Gaga's creativity, I also really like this more refined Gaga we're seeing lately. 

I'm also loving "Caught In The Middle" and "Hard Times" by Paramore, "Me Enamoré" by Shakira, and "No Promises (feat. Demi Lovato)" by Cheat Codes and Demi Lovato. I have more songs, but I'll stop there for now.


So after several previous failed attempts to get into podcasts, this month I have finally found some I like and enjoy listening to! The one I've found I like best is Larry Wilmore: Black on the Air. First off, I've been a long time fan of The Daily Show where Larry Wilmore's been a correspondent and I feel like this podcast is somewhat an extension of that along with excellent interviews, including one with my favorite scientist Neil DeGrasse Tyson.


I finished my first book of the year while other people are on their 11th! I read Bold Spirit, a non-fiction book about Helga Estby and her daughter who walked over 2,000 miles in about 8 months in the late 1800s. Read that again. A woman in Victorian America, when women were most definitely seen as the weaker sex and discouraged from most types of physical activity, walked from Spokane, Washington to New York, New York in less than 1 year! Amazing! Its really incredible to read the author piecing together her story a century later after her family tried to erase it. If you are interested in women's studies and/or history, I would highly recommend this book. 


I'm always trying to drink more water as it's such an easy way to be a bit healthier. I downloaded Plant Nanny this month and it has helped me so much. It takes my obsession with plants (I currently have 9 plants I keep alive IRL) and uses it to make me want to drink more water. If you haven't used Plant Nanny before, it's an app that tracks how much water you drink everyday, and as you drink more water your plant grows. But if you don't drink enough water, your plant will die. 

Blog Posts

8 Commandments of Instagram for Bloggers from Through the MirrorThese are great pointers for new bloggers and for seasoned bloggers these are all things we can relate to. I found myself nodding as I read this and just feeling like "Yas! Other people get this!"

3 Easy Ways We Save Almost $400 Each Month from Navigating Adulthood
If you need to cut back on spending, these are great tips for saving money by just making small changes. I've been doing 2 of them already and these changes really do make a huge difference.

My Colorful New Orleans Mini-Guide from I Want You to Know

Kristabel has been on a trip all over the southern United States and has a few posts about her travels, this one is my favorite. I would love to visit New Orleans someday as it is such a unique and interesting city. Her photos and places she visited seem great, even with the short amount of time she spent there. If you're feeling a bit of wanderlust, give this a look for sure!


A few of my favorites from June 2017
A few of my favorites from June 2017


- A little afternoon trip to the Homestead National Monument with my family
- Exploring my new town on my own
- Having the windows open all day
- Weekend Trip to Kansas City to see my best friend
- A Saturday exploring Omaha with my brother

What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!