Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Life After College & Blogging Frustrations

I have 30 blog post ideas on my phone, but I just don't feel inspired to write any of them. A few weeks ago I was so excited for summer and hoping to write and publish more blog posts here, but now I am just feeling so disconnected from blogging and the blogging world. 

This is a bit depressing as I have so enjoyed blogging over the past 2 1/2 years. I feel part of the problem is that I started as a college lifestyle blogger. Now that I'm done with undergrad I'm not as interested in blogging about college, but don't really know where to go with my content.

thoughts on life after college and the blogging community

Another part of the problem is how up and down this last year has been for me emotionally. If you look back at my content, I was really not blogging often from August-November. During that time I was student teaching which I believe is supposed to be a bridge between your time at undergrad to becoming a professional teacher and should be a good time, but for me it was possibly the worst semester of my undergrad. I had come off my depression medication due to bad advice from a bad doctor, and was super depressed. I struggled with everything and put so much pressure on myself. I felt pressure coming from college assignments, state certification, not being able to communicate effectively with my supervisors, and feeling pressure (mostly from myself) to live up to what the cooperating teachers were able to do.

After getting back on my depression medication, graduating from college, and getting my first full time job, I feel much better emotionally, but I still haven't gotten back into blogging like I had before and I'm still unsure of my place and what to do now.

Transitioning from college student who had it together (for the most part) and knew how to succeed to young adult who doesn't know how it all works has been tough. I feel like I don't know what to do in this new space or where I'm supposed to go from here. My big goal up till now has always been to graduate from college and get a job teaching Spanish. 

While I am proud that I've accomplished that, now I don't have any major goals and I'm not sure what I want to do or where I want to go from here. It feels like there are a thousand different options and I don't want choose the wrong one, so I'm just staying on one path. I'm happy with the path I'm on at the moment, but I'm so scared of going down this path and then being unhappy 10 years from now.

And with all of that happening, I haven't been as focused on my blog and I feel disconnected from the blogging world. I feel like my blog photos aren't good enough, I'm writing about things that have already been covered, and I'm just talking to myself here. The number of comments I get on posts are way down. A lot of the blogs I have followed are inactive or now post irregularly with months between posts. Then on Twitter I'm constantly seeing people talk about how bad the blogging community is, which is saddening. I want to get involved more with blogging, but if everyone is just talking about how bad the blogging community is, do I really want to? 

But a bad blogging community, hasn't been my experience. Overall, I see lots of women supporting each other and encouraging each other to do well and go after what they want. That is exactly what I want to get back to. 

Do you relate to any of these frustrations? What do you do when you feel stuck in life or in blogging? 

P.S. I'm also looking for new blogs to follow, so if you have a blog, drop your link in the comments and I'll give it a look!