Tuesday, June 27, 2017

5 Things To Do In Vegas

In May my friend and I went on a trip that we she had been planning tirelessly for months. She's been to Vegas several times which was a plus as she already knew a lot. I was able to rely on her to plan an awesome weekend trip. I thought I would pass on this knowledge and possibly help you plan a trip there as well. Keep reading for my top 5 things to do while you're in Las Vegas!

5 things to do in Vegas (besides gambling)

Visit the Las Vegas Sign

This was the last thing we did before leaving, and I wish it had been the first thing. Visiting the sign makes you feel like you've officially arrived in Las Vegas. It's the best photo op and I don't think it even counts as going to Vegas if you don't take your picture here! 

Expert Tip: If you go off to the side, you can skip the line of people wanting to take their picture directly in front of the sign, but still get a great pic (and no one gets mad)!

Walk the Strip

This is another thing you have to do. It's just part of going to Las Vegas! There's so much to see and lots of photos you'll want to take as you walk along the strip like New York New York, Paris, Monte Carlo, Caesar's - you'll want to see it all. Make sure you walk around and explore a few of these famous casinos, too. I'd recommend making sure you walk around Paris and Caesar's palace.

The High Roller

This is the world's tallest observation wheel and gives you a great view of Vegas. It takes 30 minutes and gives you lots of great photo opportunities. This was probably my favorite part of our trip as it was so pretty.

Expert Tip: If you go during the day it's $10 less and can get a cabin (mostly) to yourself.

Eat at The Flamingo

First off, flamingos are trendy right now and there are flamingos everywhere. They have a garden area with real flamingos (and other birds) that you can watch while you eat your meal at their giant buffet. They have tons of different kinds of foods to choose from, making the price tag ($25 for all you can eat) worth it. This is also the original Las Vegas hotel and casino, so it's a cool place to check off your list.

See a Show

Along with the casinos, Vegas is famous for its entertainment. My friend has a '70s soul, so we saw Cher. It was great and the tickets were only $55 each. There's tons of different performers in Vegas all the time, so you can definitely find a show that you're interested in, and fits your budget.