Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Personal Projects I Want to Do

I've always thought it's important to have personal projects to do outside of school or work. Sadly, last semester I felt so overwhelmed by everything from finishing college to getting certified that I did not give myself any time to work on personal projects. Now that I've got my job and have settled in to it, I've been giving myself more time to work on personal projects and it feels so good. For me,  these personal projects are a part of my self-care as they are things I'm doing for me and things that I enjoy doing. If you're in need of some inspiration for your own personal projects or just like being a bit nosy, here are the personal projects I am working or want to start working on.

Sharing a few personal projects I'm currently working on


I love reading, but I am horrible not very good about making time for it. By the end of the year I want to read 7 books (that would be 1 more book than I read last year). So far I've read a grand total of 0 although I've started several books, I've just never gotten around to finishing them. Now I'm adding reading to my daily to do list in my bullet journal, so hopefully that keeps me motivated and I actually complete a book soon!

Finish my 2016 Photo Album

Last summer I started putting together my photo album for 2016, but stopped when I moved. I want to finish putting this album together so I can have a place for my best photos from last year and then move on to making my 2017 album. Originally I was making this album scrapbook style, but now I'm thinking I may just put photos in (and a few stickers because I can't stop myself).

Start working on my 2017 Photo Album

Once I have finished my 2016 album, I want to start working on my 2017 photo album. This is a real process for me as I have to go through all the photos I've taken throughout the year, look for photos other people have taken of us together, and pick out the best ones to put in a folder on my computer. Normally I would order prints of them and then put them in a photo album, but I'm thinking I may just put them all on a Shutterfly photo book instead. My friend makes them all the time and hers always look good, so I'm thinking this may be the easy way.

Blog better and more

At one point last year I was blogging 4 times a week - crazy! As I mentioned earlier though, my last semester of college was STRESSFUL and since August the number (and quality) of posts I've published has fluctuated a lot. 

The past 5 months I've been focusing more on creating good quality blog posts, even if that means cutting back on the number of times a week I publish new posts. At the moment, it's one post a week which seems pitiful in comparison to how much I was posting at this time a year ago. I have to remind myself I'm in a totally different position than I was a year ago, but I'd like to work back up to blogging more often and keeping my posts high quality so I can be happy with the posts I share. 

Of course there's a lot more that goes into blogging than just writing posts so I also want to start responding to comments more often (they really mean so much!) and being more active on my social media.

Work out regularly

To be honest, I have not been happy with my body for a while. My unhappiness is really about my weight and while I know weight doesn't matter, I'm not happy at the size I'm currently at.  So I have started to work out a few times a week and it's already making me feel more confident. I'm going to try and change up my work out routine every couple weeks and to make my work outs gradually more intense. The biggest thing is sticking to it, so here's to hoping I make working out a part of my routine.

Be More Creative

Being creative is something I consider to be an important part of who I am and is something I really enjoy doing. However, I haven't devoted much time to being creative in the past few months. So now I'm trying to be more creative everyday through decorating my bullet journal, joining a 52 week challenge on Instagram, blogging, and making more things like cards and art prints.

Those are the personal projects I'm currently thinking about. Do you have any personal projects? Any tips on the ones I'm working on? Let me know in the comments!