Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Bullet Journaling When You're Short on Time

The reason I hear people give for not wanting to start a bullet journal is often that they don't have time to make it pretty. I get it. You go on Instagram check out the #bulletjournal tag and get overwhelmed by all of these incredibly organized and artistic looking bullet journals. 

Bullet Journaling When You're Short on Time

While decorating your bullet journal can be fun and stress-relieving (at least for me), sometimes life happens and you just do NOT have time to make your bullet journal look pretty! Besides the main point of bullet journaling is  to stay organized - not to have a super beautiful book filled with artistic lettering and doodles.

When that happens you should not feel bad or like your failing at bullet journaling. While I do enjoy showing off my bullet journal on my blog, it does not always look pretty. Sometimes it's just scribbly handwriting in all black pen. No cute banners, washi tape, or stickers. And you know what? I don't feel bad about that!

Having one book where I keep all of my lists keeps me so organized. I have all my passwords and usernames, lists of books I want to read, blogging ideas, and more all in one place. I have brain dumps of all the things I need/want to get done and daily to do lists that I can easily take with me anywhere. And that's what I want out of my bullet journal!

If you're interested in bullet journaling but don't feel like you're artistic enough or have enough time to make it look pretty, you should not let that stop you! If you're wanting something to keep all of your lists and ideas organized than start one! It doesn't have to be Instagram or Pinterest worthy - all that matters is that it keeps you organized.

If you do want your bullet journal to look pretty even though you don't have much time here are a few ideas:
- Use a colored pen to write your dates/headings.
- Write slowly, using good penmanship.
- Spend more time on your collections since you will refer to those over and over again.
- If you have time, put a strip of washi tape on the page. It takes no time but makes your bullet journal look a bit more fancy.
- Learn how to draw a basic banner for your headings. They look fancy but are easy to draw - trust me!

What do you think?  Do you feel like to bullet journal it has to look pretty all the time or do you think it's about organization? Let me know in the comments!