Saturday, December 3, 2016

Monthly Intentions | December Goals

It's a new month and time for some new goals! I'm posting my monthly goals once again as part of the Monthly Intentions Blogger Collab created by Angela and Jazmine. Take a look at some other bloggers' goals and if you're interested in joining contact Angela!

Monthly Intentions Blogger Goal Collab

You may have noticed that I didn't post my goals for November and that's because 1) I knew I needed a bit of a blogging break and wouldn't comment on the other lovelies posting their goals in the Monthly Intentions Collab and 2) I really didn't have any goals. I was feeling uninspired at the start of November, so instead I worked to just feel better emotionally and more inspired. I did a few different things to get my spark back, and now I feel much better and ready to tackle a new month! Some high points of November were getting back into blogging, feeling happier, and getting to see my family at Thanksgiving. Some low points of November were finding out I needed and having a root canal and a super stressful final project.

December Goals

December always feels like the craziest month of the year with school finishing up and all the holidays. This December I'm going to be finishing up my student teaching and final semester of college, graduating, looking for my first job out of college, and of course celebrating the holidays. I'm looking forward to it though! My goals for the month are...

Set Up My 2017 Bullet Journal

I've already started getting a new bullet journal ready for 2017. I've decided to try out only using a bullet journal for 2017 since I have barely touched my planner over the past few months. I need to transfer over some of my lists to the new bullet journal before it's ready to use and I'd like to start decorating it a bit.

Finish Reading 1 Book

I've been "reading" two books off and on for the past few months. I want to feel the satisfaction of finishing at least one more book this year.


I don't foresee any issues preventing me from graduating, but I'm still making this a goal! After all, this has been the most difficult semester and I've been working towards graduating from college for four and a half years!

Find A Full Time Job

This may be a challenge, but I'd love to have a job to start come January. This is going to mean filling out lots of applications and braving job interviews (which are just super intimidating).

Blog Regularly

I haven't been posting much since August, so I've set up a new posting schedule - Tuesdays and Saturdays in hopes this will help me post more regularly. I've also gotten ahead with drafting posts and have lots of ideas at the moment. Fingers crossed I'm able to keep it up in December.

Find My Instagram Theme

I've been posting more frequently on Instagram (yay!) but I'm not very happy with how my feed looks. When I look at older photos I see more of a (unintentional) theme than I do now. So I want to post more bright photos with white backgrounds and pops of color, which may mean taking more time on weekends to take and style photos for Instagram throughout the week.

Those are my goals for this month! Are you setting any goals for December? Let me know all about them in the comments and be sure to check out some other people's goals for the month!

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