Tuesday, December 6, 2016

How to Help Your Blog Grow with You

Recently I've had to reconsider what my blog is about and what kind of posts I want to create. The past 2 years that I've been blogging I've written quite a few posts about college and studying, but with student teaching this semester and graduating in December, the college posts are fewer and farther in between and soon they will come to an end as I transition into post-college life. While I've never been solely a college blog, it has been a big part of my blog and as I get ready to graduate I'm having to rethink the type of content I'll be posting. I'm sure all bloggers have to rethink their content from time to time and figure out how to help their blog grow with them, so I'm sharing what I've done to help my blog grow with me.

4 Steps to Help Your Blog Change With You

Think About What You Need Help With

At first I didn't know what to fill my content calendar with, so I made a list of things that I need/want help with. Immediately I had so many blog post ideas! In fact, this was one of them! When you make your list, don't worry about whether or not you're an expert - just think about what posts you would want to read to help you. After you have your list of what you need help with, it's time to start thinking up blog posts you could write. Maybe you could help with all of those things or maybe just a few, but either way, this will give you some post ideas to start writing some new content or create some new categories for your blog.

Update Your Blog's Look

I created a new header (which I will be putting up after the holidays). The header I've had for the past year probably needed a refresh anyways, but I also felt like it represented the "old" content. So I've created a new header which I think is more mature and simplified that will go better with the "new" content I'll be putting out! I'm still happy with the rest of my blog design, so the heading is the only thing I'm changing, but you may want to change your color scheme, heading, sidebar, or maybe get a whole new design all together. 

Make New Blog Goals

Once I thought through what kind of posts I wanted to write and started updating my blog design, I started making new blogging goals. I started with social media goals so I looked at my current stats, what I want them to be in 6 months, and started thinking of ways to improve my social media platforms like schedule 3 tweets for each day and find a theme for my Instagram and then stick to it. Once I had those goals, I made a list of some goals I have for the blog itself like posting every Tuesday and Saturday and updating my bio by 2017.

Start Writing

The next step was to start writing. All those new blog post ideas and updates won't do any good if you don't start writing and publishing new posts! I like scheduling posts, so I wrote some posts and scheduled them for the next week so I can hopefully stay ahead a bit with posting. I know some people prefer posting as soon as they finish their posts, and that is totally okay if that's how you like to blog! I just like scheduling, especially coming back so then I can stick to a posting schedule better and be more consistent with blogging. 

That is how I got back into blogging and helped my blog grow with me. Has your blog grown with you? How has it changed over the years? Let me know in the comments!