Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Signs You're Becoming A Real Adult

I'm starting to see more and more signs in my life that I'm becoming an adult. Like a real adult. So I thought I would round up a few of the signs you might notice if you too are becoming a real adult.

Signs You're Becoming a Real Adult

  1. You know people your age getting married.
  2. People your age are now celebrating marriage anniversaries. 
  3. You know people your age in committed relationships who are having children.
  4. You go to bed before 10 pm. Like way before 10 pm.
  5. You feel like a bad ass if you actually stay up late enough to watch late night TV during the week.
  6. You have a full time job.
  7. You are able to force yourself out of bed every morning to go to said full time job.
  8. You have work friends.
  9. You can cook more than 3 meals.
  10. Sleeping in until 8 am on the weekends is a big deal for you.
  11. Your evening plans are showering/changing into pajamas, cooking dinner, watching an hour of TV, then going to bed.
  12. One of your dreams is to have someone clean your apartment/house for you.
  13. Another one of your dreams is to have a personal chef.
  14. You fondly remember those college days when you had time to nap at least once a week.
  15. You get excited about a plant flowering. (No? Is this one just me?)
  16. You read blog posts about personal finances and how to save money.
  17. You question other people for making unwise financial decisions. 
  18. You and your friends discuss other people's unwise financial decisions.
  19. You have no idea what the young people are saying nowadays. Dab? Gucci? What are they even saying?!
  20. You mention singers, shows, celebrities, etc. to your younger cousins at holidays and they have NO IDEA who you are talking about. How do these kids not know about Glee or Alicia Keys?
  21. At family gatherings you find out that your 5 year old cousin is actually 15 and taking her driver's permit test soon. What!?
  22. You watch the news by choice.
  23. You take interest in the upcoming elections and have actual reasons for why you are for or against a candidate.
  24. When you meet new people you shake hands and make proper introductions.
  25. The handwriting you spent years perfecting in school has been reduced to scribbles.

What are some signs you're becoming a real adult? Let me know in the comments!