Wednesday, October 5, 2016

Monthly Intentions | October Goals

I'm pretty excited for this month as October is my favorite month. I can pull out all those chunky sweaters I love, watch Corpse Bride and The Addams Family on repeat, enjoy the cool fall weather, visit the pumpkin patch, watch the changing leaves - I love it all!

October Goals

This month I am once again linking up with Jazmine and Angela's Monthly Intentions Blogger Goal Collaboration. There's a lot of other wonderful bloggers setting goals and sharing how they did with their goals from last month. If you're looking for some inspiration or just like seeing what goals other people set for themselves, check out a few of these lovelies' blogs.

September has been a pretty exhausting month in all honesty. Student teaching is proving to be as busy and time consuming as I had imagined and then some. It's a lot to keep track of since you're basically working full time for free and still have projects to work on for college credit and certification. Plus there are other parts of my life I want to keep up with so it has been a lot to try and juggle, but I'm trying to learn how to balance it all. The highs of this month have been catching up with on of my best friends who I hadn't seen since the end of April and feeling more and more successful in my teaching. The lows of this month have been my grandma breaking her hip and feeling like I totally failed at teaching a few times (even though I handled the situations as well as I could). But the real low has indeed been my grandma breaking her hip which means she was in the hospital for about a week and has spent the rest of the month in a rehab facility. I've only visited her a few times so I feel bad about that, but my dad and aunts have been constantly with her so I'm sure she has enough company!

How I did with my September goals:
1. Get a good score on my first project. I haven't gotten my score back yet, but I feel like I did pretty good on it. When I find out, I'll let you all know on Twitter.
2. Spend time with friends. I was able to stay with one of my good friends and meet her new roommate. We all had such a great time and it was great to be able to catch up in person. I also got to meet up with another good friend for lunch and it was great to see her too.
3. Post at least twice a week to Instagram. ❌ I posted 4 times this month in total. I honestly forget about posting to Instagram! I need to find a good time to post and make it a part of my routine.

October Goals

Publish new blog posts twice a week.

I've taken a week off each month since starting my student teaching. This month I want to post twice a week, each week. I have some blog posts I'm excited to create, so hopefully this will happen!

Post at least twice a week to Instagram.

Last month this didn't happen and like I said, I think I need to just find a good time to post and make it a part of my routine. I also think I might need to start taking photos on the weekend and post them during the week so that way I have pictures to post.

Find a way to keep my apartment clean.

I like having a clean environment. If my house is a mess I can't focus as well. It makes me feel like my life is chaotic when I come home and there's stuff all over the counters. So for this month, my goal is to find a way to keep my apartment clean throughout the week. I don't have a plan really, I think I'm just going to see how it goes and try to do one or two things each day.

Do something fun each weekend.

Lately the weekends have just been me catching up on class work, house work, and buying groceries. These are important, but I also want to make more time for doing something fun and for me on the weekends. There's a large state park near where I live that I'd like to go to before it's too cold to enjoy it. I'd also like to do a craft or art project, read a book, take a weekend to visit friends, and work on my blog (which is indeed fun).

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  1. Remembering to be social is important. Glad that you were able to spend the time with friends and meet new people. (I totally shy away from social interactions a lot. Eep.)

    I also forget about IG all the time. So many social media accounts to work on that it usually just falls under the radar. Good luck with keeping up with it!
    Ooo... blogging twice a week. Do you know when you will be posting or will it be changing from week to week?

    Keep up the good work! Can't wait to see more posts later this month!

  2. I love that you want to do something fun every weekend. It's a great idea! Cleaning is something I often struggle to get done so I commend that goal of yours- haha. Good luck!

  3. I love that your focus has been about balance. I feel like each other you do so well in exceeding your goals even if they don't fully get done. Find a way to keep your apartment clean is so hard!! What I did when working two full time jobs was, every night before bed, I did a twenty minute sweep of the whole house. It's amazing what you can manage in twenty minutes. I just set the timer and tried to get as much done in that time frame as possible. Eventually I got it set that I didn't need the full twenty and could do other things in that time.
    Good luck on your goals this month! Hope you'll post about the fun things you do on the weekends!!

  4. October is my favorite month, too! I haven't been able to break out any of my fall fashions, though - it's still feels like summer here! I hope you have fun on your weekends - it can be so easy to burn out with busy weeks and not do anything over the weekend.

  5. My biggest problem with Instagram is that I also just forget about it! I always edit a photo and tell myself I need to post it the next day yet I never seem to remember to actually post it. I've heard hootsuite can send you reminders to post!

    Goodluck on your goals this month!

  6. I always forget about posting to IG as well. I think we all have an aspect of blogging that we struggle with. But, kudos to you for balancing as well as you have, especially with school, student teaching, family priorities and trying to make time for friends and the fun stuff too. We gotta celebrate all the victories, big and small alike.

    Hope your month went well!