Wednesday, September 21, 2016

My Weekend To Do List for Blogging

For this month's Weekend To Do List we're gonna chat about what I do for my blog over the weekends to keep it running smoothly! I know most of us have other things we devote our weeks to whether it's school, work, family, or whatever else it may be. That means we have to make the most of our weekends to make our blogs the best they can be! Or you know, keep them running.

Weekend To Do List for Blogging

Draft posts.

Generally, I just don't have the time, inspiration, or energy to do this during the week. I already have my monthly calendar filled out with post ideas, so I can just take a look at that on Friday and either write the posts I had planned or write something else. At the moment I'm just writing the posts for the coming week, but I would love to get a bit ahead of the game and start writing posts a week in advance. Someday!

Take photos for blog and Instagram.

I don't have the best lighting when getting home from work, so on the weekends I try to take a few photos to use throughout the week for blog and Instagram. With blog photos, I take a look at my monthly calendar (or editorial calendar) and take photos for a few upcoming posts. I also try to take a few stock photos so if I change what post I'm writing at the last minute, I'll still have a photo I can use. Stock photos also work great if I need an extra photo for Instagram during the week. Later in the afternoon I'll edit the photos or if I don't need them right away I can even save the editing for the evenings in the week. For Instagram photos, I try to just take a few different photos to share throughout the week. I don't have any real strategy and I think it just depends on what kind of photos you like to share on your Insta feed.

Pin this week's posts.

Pinterest helps me get a lot of traffic thanks to group boards like College Lifestyle of Life Tips for Your Best Life. So on the weekend I'm sure to pin new posts first to my blog board and then throughout the weekend and during the week I pin from my blog board to other boards I have and to group boards. This is just a great way to get my posts out there and to get traffic.

Schedule promo tweets.

I schedule promo tweets to go up during the week using Hootsuite. I schedule promos for the new posts that will go up that week that include a little blurb about the post, link, and a photo. I also schedule promos for the most viewed posts from the previous month and past posts that I think might be interesting for people to read again or that are fitting for the time of year. I also need to be scheduling promo tweets for my Bloglovin, Instagram, and Pinterest, I've just been forgetting (oops!).

Catch up on my favorite blogs.

Of course one of the best parts of blogging is being a part of the blogging community! I try to read a post or two during the week, but I really try to catch up on the weekends. I'll read a few posts from my Bloglovin feed and try to leave a comment on a few of the posts I read. This also just keeps me inspired to keep blogging and lets me know what my blog friends are up to!

I'd also like to respond to comments and update past posts, but those are too things I'm letting slide right now. I just don't feel like I have time to keep up with everything, so those are two things I know would be good to do for my blog, but I'm only going to do if I find myself with extra free time.