Saturday, September 3, 2016

August Favorites

August has been a good and exciting month full of the ups and downs. I had a fabulous birthday weekend with my best friend driving up from 3 hours away to spend 2 nights at my house, visit the zoo, go mini golfing, watch lots of movies, laugh too much and have lots of good conversations. I turned 23. 

I started the biggest change I've had since going to college - student teaching! It was super scary and nerve racking at first, but I love the teachers I'm working with and the students are great. I'm really lucky that the foreign language department at the school I'm at is really strong and the two teachers I work with are great. I'm also loving working with high school students - they're so funny and nice. I've already connected with a few of them which is so cool to me. It's still a little nerve racking and awkward at times being in front of the class, but it gets easier all the time. The biggest struggle though is the total change in routine and free time. I'm up at 5:30 and in bed by 9 (at the latest). And I'm afraid I don't have much time to blog, so I think I will have to let a few things go - like replying to comments and keeping up on social media. I hope you guys don't mind!

Another big change this month is my sister is starting her freshman year of college! The college she's at is 6 hours away from me! That sadly means I won't be seeing her until mid-October :( But she seems to be liking it and adjusting pretty well. 

As for favorites, I'm afraid my time and focus has been pretty exclusively focused on student teaching and sleeping so there won't be a lot here, but I hope it's still worth reading.

August Favorites Courtney's Little Things


While my friend was here we rented a few movies from Redbox. My favorite was Daddy's Home. I've been wanting to see this forever. I loved Mark Wahlberg and Will Ferrell together in The Other Guys and the concept seemed pretty funny. After watching it, I was not let down in the least. I thought it was hilarious. The guys really are hilarious together and their tries to one up each other are great. If you're in need of a funny movie, this is the one to get!


Lately I've been watching one of my long time favorite shows - Criminal Minds. I'm actually watching my boxed sets of it, so kinda lying about the Netflix part haha. It's such a good show that I never get bored or tired of watching the same episodes over and over again (and trust me I do). The characters are amazing - it's hard to pick a favorite. Speaking of characters though,  I am upset about the upcoming season since there will be no Morgan or Hotch - so we'll have to see how that turns out!


The song I can't get out of my head this month is "Into You" by Ariana Grande. It is so catchy - I love the chorus - and I love Ariana's voice. I also just like her - she's so cute and rocks that half pony tail.


My weekend with my friend. I chose to live closer to my family for my student teaching and in an area I'm familiar with which is really nice, but the downside is I'm not close to where my friends are. That made it really special when one of my friends came up for the weekend. We also did some fun things I don't normally do like visit the zoo and mini golfing plus our favorite things like watching movies and talking/laughing way too much.


This is my favorite photo set from this month. I went for a bike ride one evening with my brothers to the river near our house. It was perfect with the sun going down and the trees seemed so green!