Wednesday, August 3, 2016

July Favorites

July has been a great month for me! I moved into a new place, went to the movies a few times, and spent some time being productive, too. Since moving into my first apartment that I live in alone, I'm super thankful for my family. I'm only living an hour away from my family so they've been able to visit me here and I've been able to go home pretty often as well.

TV Show

So I moved and since cable and internet is ridiculously expensive, I'm only getting internet and using an antenna (yeah, they still make those) to get local TV stations. So I get 7 stations - a big change for me, but I've actually been okay with it (after the initial shock). Now you're like what do you watch if you only get 7 channels? I'll tell you what I've been watching! There's a channel that plays old comedies and one of the shows they play is The Drew Carey Show. I've never really watched it before, but I've found that I actually really like it! The show isn't on Netflix, but it's definitely worth watching if you find a dvd of it or catch it on TV.


The show I've been watching the most on Netflix this month is American Dad. Have I watched this show all the way through? Yes. Am I watching it again? Yes. Do I still laugh at all the jokes? Yes. Some comedies just never get old!


While I loved Finding Dory (such a sweet movie!), my favorite movie this month was Ghostbusters. This movie was absolutely hilarious. The actresses and actors were wonderful. I loved seeing all the SNL ladies and Melissa McCarthy kick some ghost butt and save New York City. If you haven't made it to the theater yet to see Ghostbusters, definitely make time for it!


I read 2 books this month, but my favorite was Letter To My Daughter by Maya Angelou. It might be because I love Maya Angelou. She was such a wise and loving woman and a brilliant writer. This book has so many inspiring and encouraging words. It's also an easy read since the chapters are short and it feels like you're just reading advice from a mother or grandmother. Definitely recommend this if you don't have much time for reading, but want an inspiring read!


It's the middle of summer and there have definitely been some hot (read over 100 degree) days. That means there can only be one food on my mind - ice cream! Specifically I've been loving ice cream sandwiches. I usually get neapolitan ice cream sandwiches, but I found some banana split ice cream sandwiches which quickly became a favorite, too.


My favorite purchase has been my new desk. When I was looking around for a desk I spotted this one and fell in love instantly. The problem was it was a bit more than I wanted to spend...but it was so pretty and I loved it so much so I made it work! And I am so happy with it. You can take a look at my new desk and everything else in my room here.


I have done a really bad job at following my favorite blogs this month (sorry!), but I have been reading posts on new and different blogs which has been so fun. It's been great to discover new people to follow and seeing their blogs. 

One of the blogs I've started reading is The Clutter Box. I've read a few of Angela's posts before, but since I've been finding new blogs this month I read a lot of her posts and started following her on different platforms, too. It also doesn't hurt that she's also one of the creators of the Monthly Intentions blogger collab ;) A few posts from her to check out are Fat, Fat, Fat (about body image) and this post on Bullying.