Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Night Time Routine for Better Sleep

I am super guilty of watching shows on Netflix until I fall asleep. Definitely not the best way to sleep! When I follow a more structured night time routine and give myself time to slowly shut down I sleep so much better. Since I got a request from one of my blog friends, Arianne, for a bed time routine for a good night's sleep I'm sharing what works best for me in hopes that it will help you and everyone else out there!

Night Time Routine for Better Sleep

Get ready an hour before you want to sleep.

If you want to be asleep by 11, start getting ready at 10. Shut down your laptop or turn off the TV, put on your pajamas, brush your teeth, take off your make-up - whatever you like to do to get ready for bed. If you like to shower in the evening or do a little yoga you might want to start getting reading a bit earlier so you can still enjoy that part of your routine.

Set your alarm.

This could just be me, but I always feel better if I know my alarm is set for the next day. I hate being rushed in the morning, so just double checking that my alarm is ready to go for the next day helps me sleep better.

Put your phone down.

I usually do one last scroll through social media and then I set it to charge on my desk across the room from my bed. It's better to just put your phone out of reach if, like me, you just can't help but scroll through "one last time" before going to sleep.


Reading a book for 30 minutes before bed seems to really help me wind down and sleep better. I'd recommend reading a physical book and giving your eyes a break from the light of a screen before bed, but this is up to you. 

Listen to instrumental or ambient music.

I like having some sound as I go to bed; otherwise I just end up thinking too much or I notice every single sound outside my apartment! I know for some people just having a fan blowing is enough, but I prefer having music. I listen to Spotify playlists like Deep Focus or Peaceful Piano. They also have playlists with storms and other sounds if that suits you better. 

PS Spotify isn't sponsoring this, I just really like their ready-made playlists.

Lights out!

Hopefully after following this routine you're feeling calm, relaxed, and ready for bed. Usually after following this routine all I have to do is turn off my lamp, find a comfortable spot on my bed, close my eyes, and I'm out! If it's not quite that easy sometimes I find it helps to focus on taking 10 deep breaths since slowing your breathing helps you get to sleep (really it does). Normally I'm out before I finish the first 10 breaths, but if not I just repeat it a few times.

I hope this helps if you're struggling to get to sleep or not getting restful sleep. This routine helps me get great sleep when I follow it, so if you're struggling with sleep give this a try for a week or so and let me know if it works for you!

Do you have a night time routine? What are your tips for a better night's sleep?