Saturday, July 16, 2016

My Weekend To Do List for Self Care

Today I'm starting a new series called My Weekend To Do List. If you've been reading for a while, you know I have a soft spot in my heart for making lists, especially to do lists. I'm going to try to put out one of these posts each month with a different theme. This month it's self-care!

Self-care is something I think is really important. Making time for self-care each day is something that has greatly helped my mental health and helps me to keep up with the daily chaos of life. It helps me to stay positive and be productive when I need to be. However, sometimes life gets busy and self-care (sadly) gets pushed aside during the week. That's when it's super important for me to make time for it on the weekend.

My Weekend To Do List for Self Care

Watch a movie.

The first thing I like to do on the weekend for self-care is to just watch a movie. It can be one I already have, a pick from Netflix, or even a new movie I pick up from Redbox. I like to watch a comedy or animated film for a bit of lighthearted start to my weekend.

Have a lie in.

Even if you can't sleep in, every one can enjoy a good lie in on the weekend. Just stay in bed for a bit longer than usual - scroll through social media or watch some Netflix in bed. 

Take a long shower (or bath).

Indulging in a nice long shower on the weekend is so good. Really lather up and scrub away the troubles of the week. When you step out, put on your favorite lotion and anything else you like for a bit of pampering.

Cook a good meal.

During the week it's easy to skimp out on cooking proper meals, but there's really no excuse on your days off. Prepare a meal from scratch or cook one of your favorites. Don't forget to include lots of vegetables and some fruit to make it healthy!


This can be different for everyone, and for me what I choose to create often depends on my mood. Painting, drawing, decorating a planner or bullet journal, taking photos, writing, blogging, crocheting - so many choices! Being creative is good for your soul, no matter which method suits you best.

Get moving.

If the weather cooperates, going for a walk is my preferred way to get moving. I just like exploring and it's always a good excuse for taking photos. Another way I like to get moving, especially with self-care in mind, is to do yoga. Stretching, moving my body in different ways, and focusing on my breathing is so calming. 


Reading a good book is probably the best weekend activity. Whether you prefer sitting down with a good book, blog reading, or scrolling through other articles online, reading is so good. This year I'm focusing on reading more books and I love sitting down for an hour with one of the books I'm currently reading (I'm in the midst of two books at the moment!).

Straighten up.

When my space is a mess, my head is a mess! Having a clean space just lets me feel more at ease and helps me focus better. During the week it's easy for me to just leave things around the apartment - a pair of shoes here, a cup there, clothes on the floor and not in the laundry basket - you know how it is! On the weekend a good tidy can do a world of good for both my apartment and myself.

Those are the things I like to do for a good self-care weekend. What do you like to do for self-care? Do you make time for it on the weekends?