Saturday, July 23, 2016

My Planner Decorating Essentials

I've been decorating my planner for over a year now. While decorating a planner is definitely not for everyone, it is for me. For me it works as a stress relief activity and is something I enjoy doing each week. If you're interested in decorating your planner, here are my favorite things to use!

My Planner Decorating Essentials


Washi tape is like the best part of life. So many colors, so many patterns. Most of the time I get mine from Michael's and Target. In my planner I mostly use washi tape to cover the "morning" and "evening" headings in my happy planner. I also use it to make little banners for birthdays and weekends. 


Stickers are my favorite part of decorating my planner! This is where my addiction to planner decorating really lies. I use stickers from places like Walmart, Dollar Tree, and Michael's for cute decorative stickers - although Michael's is starting to get more planner stickers in stock (which is super exciting for me). I can barely make it out of these stores without picking up a few more stickers. Planner stickers I get mostly from Etsy shops. Some of my favorites are It's Planning Time, Sweet Kawaii Designs, and Sticker Bloom.

Colored Pens

Even when I didn't decorate my planner, I still used all the colored pens. I've found that color coding my classes is the best way for me to stay organized with 5 or 6 different classes each semester. Along with color coding, I also love using colored pens just to add a splash of color to my planner. You can find colored pens at just about any store that has a stationary section. I like to use my Papermate Flairs and Pilot G-2-07s and both are pretty easy to find in lots of different colors.

Other fun supplies for decorating your planner are stamps, page flags, sticky notes, and cute paper clips (you can get cat shaped paper clips). 

Do you decorate your planner? What do you like to use to personalize your planner and make it look cute?

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