Thursday, June 16, 2016

The Best Movies To Watch On Father's Day

Father's Day is coming up soon! I've been thinking about dads and that got me thinking about movies with great father-child relationships. I've picked out a few of my personal favorite movies that fit that theme and show how much dads love their kids.

The Best Movies To Watch On Father's Day from Courtney's Little Things
The Best Movies To Watch On Father's Day from Courtney's Little Things

Mrs. Doubtfire

This 1993 movie is still one of my favorites and I'm always up for watching it! Mrs. Doubtfire stars Sally Fields and Robin Williams (which should already be a clue of how funny this is). After the two parents get a divorce, Daniel (Robin Williams) goes to great lengths to spend more time with his kids. I love how funny this movie is and even though I've been watching it for roughly 22 years, I still laugh every time!


There are many versions of this movie, most recently in 2014 with Jamie Foxx and Quvenzhane Wallis, but my favorite is the 1999 version with Kathy Bates and Victor Garber. I think the music on this version is superb and it's the version I grew up watching, so it just feels like the Annie I know and love. Regardless of which version of Annie you prefer watching, I love the story! An optimistic and charming young orphaned girl is chosen to spend the holidays with the rich Oliver Warbucks (or Mr. Stacks). Annie quickly wins him over with that already mentioned optimism and charm. Even though Mr. Warbucks wants to adopt her, he loves her enough to help her search for her birth parents, who she has been waiting for for 11 years. So sweet, so lovely, and one of the best musicals.

The Croods

I've talked about this movie before, and that's because I absolutely love this movie! The Croods is about a slightly overprotective father, his adventurous and curious daughter, and the rest of their family moving across the amazing (or scary, depending how you see it) pre-historic world after their cave is destroyed. With two very different personalities, the father and daughter have a lot to learn about each other and the world they live in. I really like this movie because you see the father-daughter relationship evolve from that kind of angsty teenager-parent relationship to that of respect between adult and parent as they both learn more about each other's strengths and realize they need each other.

Finding Nemo

You might be reminiscing about this film anyway since Finding Dory is in theaters this month. Just incase you need to refresh your memory, Finding Nemo is about Marlin and his son Nemo (and the friends they meet along the way!). Marlin is a bit of an overprotective father after he loses his wife and all but one of his children to a shark. He is very preoccupied about his son, Nemo, first day of school, while Nemo is excited to embark on a new adventure. When Nemo is kidnapped by a diver, Marlin goes on an adventure of his own to get his son back, meeting lots of interesting characters along the way. This movie is pretty perfect to watch right now since the sequel is out, it's summer and movies about sea creatures feel perfect at the moment, and of course perfect for Father's Day, too!

Those are the movies I think are perfect to watch on Father's Day. Let me know in the comments if you have any movies you would add to this list and what you think of the ones I mentioned here!