Wednesday, June 1, 2016

May Favorites

May has been a pretty good month for me. Lots of readjusting to being back at home with my family everyday rather than just spending the weekend with my parents and youngest siblings. Being back with them is fun since there's always someone in the house to spend time with and help you out, but it can be annoying since your basically a kid again and your parents check on you all the time (where are you going? why do you spend so much time in your room?). So with the goods and annoyances of being back home, I'm really enjoying having free time since I don't have any classes (for once). I've been able to get lots of blogging, reading, and crafting done which is always fun for me. Anyways, let's get into the list of favorites for this month.

May Favorites from Courtney's Little Things


I have really been enjoying The Achromat's daily vlogs this month. They're short and sweet, which is something I like in videos, and I love how she puts the videos together - not too much talking and no long boring sequences. I've followed Abigail for awhile on her blog and Twitter, but I feel like these daily videos have let me really get to know her. Plus I just love how nosy these videos let me be. So if you have time for a little bingewatching on YouTube, give her videos a look!


I have been loving Pink's new song, Just Like Fire! It's so good! I love the music, Pink's voice, and the lyrics. I turn the volume up whenever this song comes on the radio while I'm driving.


I started reading A Game of Thrones since hearing about the TV series all the time has made me curious about it. I went through a period where I wasn't quite sure if I liked it or not. I was okay with all the violence until one of the pups died, and then I was like why can't anyone just be nice in this book!? Despite not liking all of the violence and ya know, the lowly position of women, I can't put it down. I like the different perspectives you get as the story unfolds and just delving into a different world since I've been stuck on nonfiction books for a while. It requires a lot of attention to keep up with the story line and all the back stories, but it is a good story and hopefully I'll finish it in June!


Brainbean. I really like this app since it gets your creative juices flowing with the different games/activities. The app is free and has 8 different games you can play. My favorites are the Incomplete Drawing, the app gives you a line or two and then you have to complete the drawing using those lines, and Letter List, the app gives you a letter and you have to spell as many words tthat start with that letter as you can in 90 seconds.


Cucumber tea sandwiches. I tried these at the end of April for the first time and have been obsessed ever since. While I'm not much of a fan of eating cucumbers alone, they taste amazing on bread with some cream cheese, mayo, and dill. It tastes so fresh and perfect for spring and summer!


I have been loving the half up hairstyles this month. Maybe it's because it makes me feel like Ariana Grande (if it's a good hair day) or maybe it's just because it's convenient. Some days I just pull it back loosely in a clip, some days just a half ponytail with natural hair, and if I'm feeling fancy I curl it when it's half up. (Clearly I am not a beauty blogger, but I felt like telling you all).


Thrifty Vintage Fashion. I always enjoy reading Nicole's blog. She does a lot of numbered posts that make for fun and easy reads. Her 10 Amazing Spotify Playlists You Need to Listen To has helped me find some new playlists to listen to.  I also liked her post at the start of the month with a few ways to Spring Clean Your Blog. Aside from enjoying so many of her posts and how kind Nicole is, I also love her new series on feminism that started with this post: 50 Reasons Why I Am A Feminist. I agreed with each point on her list and love that she's writing about feminism.

These have been my favorites this month. What have you been loving this month? Let me know in the comments!

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