Wednesday, June 22, 2016

50 Thoughts I Had While Reading Game of Thrones

I'm super late to the party, but I finally decided to give Game of Thrones a try. Unlike most people though, I decided to start with the books rather than the TV series. Personally, I'm glad I did because this book has been more of a challenge than the others I've read this year since it is so thick (nearly 700 pages) and I'm not sure I would be able to actually stomach all the violence if it was on a screen if I hadn't read it first to prepare me (although I'm still a bit scared to actually watch the series). Anyways, I really got into reading this book and found myself gasping when the unexpected would happen, cringing when a prince was crowned (ew!), and occasionally wanting to yell at the characters to get their act together. So I thought all these thoughts might make for a good blog post. 

Now if you haven't read the first book or seen the series, you may not want to read the rest of this post since it will contain a few spoilers. If you're curious though and okay with a little hint of what the book/series is about or an avid fan of the Game of Thrones TV series and feeling a bit reminiscent for the first season, keep reading!

50 Thoughts I Had While Reading Game of Thrones from Courtney's Little Things

  1. I was not expecting this much incest.
  2. Why does Joffrey have to be such a little bitch?
  3. Not the puppy (direworlf)!!
  4. Why can't anyone be nice in this book?
  5. I don't trust this Littlefinger character.
  6. There's no way Tyrion tried to kill him!
  7. Yay! Arya gets to have fighting lessons!
  8. Way to go Jon, sticking up for the new kid.
  9. Catelyn may have just made things worse for her family.
  10. When will Sansa grow up?
  11. No wonder Sandor Clegane is so mean - his brother is a monster.
  12. Really Ned? You've been investigating the murder of the last Hand of the King, but you don't believe your daughter warning you about a plan to get rid of you?
  13. Okay good. Ned is relieved of his position so now he and his daughters can go back to the safety of Winterfell.
  14. Lysa's done lost it.
  15. No wonder nobody likes this little boy king.
  16. Gods Ned! Why couldn't you just leave safely with all your men when you had the chance?
  17. Why hasn't Dany had her brother killed yet?
  18. Why did Robb think it was a good idea to leave Bran alone in a forest?
  20. Tyrion is such a little con man!
  21. I figured out the reason Jon died!
  22. I did not figure out the reason Jon died.
  23. Ned you do not warn the enemy of your plan! Why are you talking to Cersei!?
  24. Well, this is a weird Dothraki ceremony.
  25. I know I said I wanted Viserys killed, but not like this.
  26. Look at Sam putting all the pieces together and helping Jon out!
  27. Why does Ned never see these things coming?
  28. I knew I didn't like Littlefinger.
  29. Sansa is gonna get her whole family killed.
  30. Those aren't their eyes????!!!!??
  31. Why is Allister Thorne such an ass?
  33. No, Robb! Don't leave!
  34. So basically all the Starks are screwed.
  35. Good god Catelyn. Go home and take care of your family and kingdom.
  36. I'm never sure if Tyrion is good or if he's just a decent person for a Lannister.
  37. Joffrey's first court session? This ought to go well *sarcasm.*
  38. Welp, that proved Sansa is completely unaware of reality.
  39. Okay, maybe Catelyn is most valuable strategizing on the battlefield.
  40. This raven is getting annoying.
  41. Like if everyone else in this book gets killed or injured, why can't we get rid of this stupid bird?
  42. Why is everyone in this book such an ass? Why can't anyone in this book be nice?
  43. YEESSS!!! We have Lannister!
  44. I'm so scared for Eddard. I'm so scared. 
  45. NOOOOOO!!!!
  46. So I don't find out what happens to Arya until the second book?? I can't wait that long!
  47. And now Sansa is sadly learning the truth the hard way.
  48. And now it's just sad.
  49. Where the hell do you think you're going, Jon!?!?
  50. So, if you take super hot baths you can make it through a fire, even if your clothes don't?

I hope you enjoyed this post as much as I enjoyed writing it! The book is one of the best fantasy books I've read - lots of action and a plot that keeps you turning pages - so if you've thought about reading it, I would definitely give it a try. And remember friends: winter is coming.