Monday, May 2, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 39

It's been a rainy and gray week here. This has been the week I've been nervous about, excited about, sad about, ready for, and dreading all year - the final week of college life! I had finals on Wednesday and Thursday, took senior photos with my friends, celebrated our last day together, and moved out of my college apartment. So much happened! I went through just about all the emotions, but I have to say it was a good week. I was able to enjoy my final week on campus with my friends before they graduated and we all moved out. And now I have the summer to enjoy! So let's get into how I spent the weekend!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 39 from Courtney's Little Things

Friday I got a surprise call from one of my friends. She's been taking online classes at home and came to campus to talk with a few professors and return her books. I didn't realize she was in town so I was happy when she called and asked if I wanted to grab lunch with her. Of course, she asked right after I finished eating so she brought over some take out to eat at my apartment. We got to have a really nice chat and again I was so happy to see her. 

Once she left I spent the rest of the afternoon packing, loading my car, and cleaning out the apartment. It was so strange to see my apartment empty and made me a little sad to be moving out since I have enjoyed living there with my friend over the past year. Once I had officially checked out of the apartment, my friends and I went out to eat at a local restaurant for our last time out together. I gave them their graduation gifts before I left, big hugs, and then I headed home to my parents' house while they went to decorate their caps and get ready for graduation the next day. 

When I got home and into my bedroom at my parents' house I was greeted by a giant sign my mom and sister had made for me (and my brother got the tape to hang it. It's very important that I mention that.) and some pretty flowers my sister picked for me. They really are the sweetest!

Saturday I spent the day unpacking and organizing. After I got all of that taken care of, I got cleaned up so we could go out to dinner with my grandparents. It was nice to see them and they both dressed up which was so cute. I had a really nice time talking to my grandma since we sat by each other. It was good to go out to dinner with them since it's a different setting then sitting in the living room.

Sunday I spent a fair amount of time in bed, but I felt it was deserved after working so hard Friday and Saturday. When I did get up I ran to the grocery store to pick up the ingredients for homemade pizza to make Monday. After that I helped my brother work on his paper for English class while I wrote up some posts for the blog. 

And finally, here are some photos of the weekend:

Weekend Wrap Up No. 39 from Courtney's Little Things
Sorry these are so grainy! Like I said it was super dark and gray out plus I took these in the evening when I got home...
Weekend Wrap Up No. 39 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 39 from Courtney's Little Things
Weekend Wrap Up No. 39 from Courtney's Little Things

How was your weekend? Did you get a chance to spend time with friends or family? Let me know in the comments!

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