Saturday, May 14, 2016

My Desk Essentials

Over the past few years I have grown pretty attached to my desk. I never used a desk or work space in high school, but when I got to college I found I really like having a desk to work at. I always try to make my desk area pretty while keeping everything I need easy access to within reach. At this point I have what I like to keep at my desk both for practical and aesthetic reasons down to a science. Today I thought I'd share a few of my desk essentials.

My Desk Essentials from Courtney's Little Things


The first thing I must have at my desk is my laptop. I do most of my work on it whether it be blogging or school related. My laptop gets a place of honor in the center of my desk.


I absolutely must have a notepad on my desk. I always have some little idea or note I need to write down when I'm working. I jot down everything from who I need to email to what errands I need to run later. I usually keep two notepads on the edge of my desk so they're out of the way, but easy to grab when I need to scribble a little note.

Sticky Notes

I also need to have sticky notes on my desk. Partly because I need to have an excuse for constantly buying them at Target and partly because I love that I can just stick them wherever I need them - on my laptop, in my planner, lined up above my desk, or in my notes for class. It seems like I always need a little reminder so I keep these out.


Obviously with using notepads and sticky notes I need a few pens to write with. I like to keep my pens in a mug since it's cute and inexpensive. I usually have it filled with as many pens as it can possibly hold since I have pens in all sorts of colors in addition to the traditional black inked pen.

My Desk Essentials from Courtney's Little Things


I've started keeping a plant or two on my desk in the past two years and I really enjoy it. Live plants are best, but I've started settling for fake plants since my aloe vera plant has outgrown the space allotted to it on my desk. Even if they're not real, they add a little something to your space and make it seem a little prettier and happier.


I also need to have at least one candle on my desk. I love having a candle going while I work to have a good scent throughout the room and for some mood lighting if I'm working in the evening or on a rainy day. Candles just make your work space feel so cozy, especially in winter. They're also relaxing which help to keep me from stressing if I'm working on a big project.

Hand Sanitizer

Another thing I must have on my desk is hand sanitizer. I like to put it on when I get back from class or after I snack so I don't get my laptop or papers dirty. 


Lastly, I always keep my planner on my desk. I like having it on my desk to refer to the date, what I need to get done that day, and to make appointments or schedule things without having to second guess if that time will work or not. If I have my planner, I can do it all!

What are your desk essentials? Do you prefer a pretty or functional desk space? Let me know in the comments!

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