Thursday, May 5, 2016

May Goals

April was a pretty big month for me. I'm looking forward to May because it should be a lot more relaxed. I'll be able to settle in to a new routine for the summer.

May Goals from Courtney's Little Things
May Goals from Courtney's Little Things

Wake up at 8 am.

I don't have to wake up for classes, but I still don't want to sleep my day away! So one of my goals for the summer, and this month, is to wake up at 8 am Monday-Friday.

Start working.

There is a chance I might have to get up earlier depending on how and when this works out. I'm hoping to get a new job in retail for the summer, but if that doesn't happen I'll have to go back to waitressing at my old job. I'm just really hoping for a change, so fingers crossed I get a new job!

Catch up on blog reading.

If you've taken a look at my "To Read" list on Bloglovin lately, you'll know I've saved almost 500 blog posts that I have yet to read. Ah! How did that happen? Well, there's a lot of good and interesting blogs out there, but only so much spare time to read them! This month I'm hoping to catch up on all those blog posts and all the new posts that keep getting published in my spare time.

Read Seriously...I'm Kidding.

This book has been on my reading list for quite some time, and now I'm finally starting it! I want to have this book by Ellen DeGeneres read by the end of the month (though hopefully sooner). I'm really excited to start it since I haven't read a comedy book in a while and I love Ellen.

Work out twice  week.

I also want to get healthier over the summer. It's a constant battle to stay on an exercise schedule and eat well. This month I want to focus on being active at least twice a week - but hopefully more. Twice a week I want to spend 45 minutes or so at the gym and in between those two days I'll hopefully be enjoying some nice summer walks, bike rides, and other summer activities outside.

Those are my goals for this month. Are you setting any goals for May? Let me know if we have any similar ones!

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