Saturday, May 28, 2016

20+ Ways to Spend Less

It seems like a lot of people must have money on the mind because I've seen more posts than usual about it. I've been thinking more about money because with moving into a new place soon, there's quite a list of furniture and houseware I'll need to buy. I'm also getting closer and closer to getting my first "big girl" job after university and so I'm trying to learn how to budget better since I won't be getting help from my parents anymore. So I've put together a list of 20+ ways to spend less and save more with everything from food to shopping trips to going out and more. Hopefully this will help you be a bit better with money, too!

20+ Ways to Spend Less from Courtney's Little Things

Food and Restaurants

Take your lunch with you to work or school.
Pack a snack and drink if you're heading out on the road.

Plan your meals. You'll spend less on random groceries and eat out less.
Bring a water bottle with you to fill up throughout the day instead of buying a new drink.
Don't throw away left overs. Keep it for lunch the next day.
Only order water at restaurants.


Check out the sales or clearance rack first when you're out shopping.
Take advantage of sale bills and coupons.
Ask yourself if you really need it and if it will make your life easier/better/happier before you buy anything.
Find something to do at home rather than just go shopping or to the store because you're bored.

Days/Nights Out

Only go out to the movies when you really want to see a film. Otherwise just have a movie night at home.
Set a cap on how much you'll spend ahead of time. Only take x amount in cash if you need to.
Avoid weekly shopping trips with friends that are just for fun. You know you'll end up spending money! Instead try to switch over to trips to the park, game nights, or other free events.


Cut back on things you don't really need.
Could you get rid of cable and rely on Netflix or Hulu?
Take a look at what you have on hand before going and buying something new.
Make a list when you go to the store so you can stay focused and only buy what you came for.
Visit secondhand or bargain shops before more expensive stores.
Think of what your dad would say. Or maybe this is just me because my dad hates spending money.
Wait a day before buying "fun" items.
Go on a spending ban for a day or a week.

Compare prices to find the best deal.

What are your best tips for spending less and saving money? Do you use any of these tips already?


  1. All of your tips are great! For the grocery trip, I have heard that you want to shop only when you are not hungry, otherwise you will be tempted to pick up extra food that you don't need. Also, getting water at restaurants not only helps you save money, but it's also better for you!

    1. Yes! That tip is so true! If I go to the grocery store when I'm hungry I have way more food in the cart then I should haha. And water is definitely good for both health and finances :)

  2. I hate spending money! I always think that notes are made for stacking haha! Great tips though I know so many people with find these so helpful xx

    Thrifty vintage fashion

    1. Haha I like that saying! I tend to go in spurts where I either am saving all the time or spending too much.

  3. Great tips, using a lot of them daily! :) I have little rules, like I can eat out/take out a certain amount each month and the same with going to the movies etc ^^ I also use Ebay a lot more for everything because it's more than just jewelry and clothes :D
    xo Kitten ♥ The Howling WolfHeart

    1. Having little rules like that help a lot with saving money! Otherwise it's so easy to just grab some take out on the way home rather than cook with the food you've already paid for.