Monday, April 25, 2016

Weekend Wrap Up No. 38

This was a really relaxed week. I didn't have any assignments to do for classes, so I was able to start studying for my final, work on my teaching binders I'm making for student teaching, and have fun with my friends. It's good I got to relax a bit during the week because I was super busy over the weekend! I moved most of my stuff out of my apartment and back to my parents' house where I will be for a few months before I move into my new apartment in July. Since it was a weekend filled with moving, unpacking, and organizing, I didn't take any photos - but I still wanted to share! So let's get started with Weekend Wrap Up No. 38!

Weekend Wrap Up No. 38 from Courtney's Little Things

Friday I had my last class on campus and then started packing and loading up my car! I have finals this week on Wednesday and Thursday, but I decided to move out most all of my stuff over the weekend. So my mom came and we loaded up her van and most of my escape. We were able to move it all out in just a few hours which was good because I had a student teaching meeting to go to in the afternoon. When that meeting finally ended (it felt like it never would) I was able to get in my car and go home to my parents' house! 

Saturday I went to my brother's soccer game in the morning. It was his last game of the season and his team won, so it was a good way to start the morning! In the afternoon I worked mostly on straightening up, unpacking, and organizing. Luckily I had packed the stuff I wouldn't be needing until July (when I move into my new apartment) together, so I only had to work through about half the stuff I brought back. Then in the evening I ran up town to drop off some clothes that I no longer need at a donation site. I had my sister come with me so we stopped to get ice cream, too.

Sunday I slept in before continuing my productive weekend. I cleaned Burt's tank and then organized my closet - taking out winter clothes and adding in my spring and summer wardrobe. It's pretty fun to pull out your favorite summer clothes. I get a bit excited to wear them all again! After that last bit of unpacking and organizing was done, I did some planning and decorating in my planner and bullet journal. That is my favorite part of Sundays which definitely makes me a planner nerd haha. It's just so fun though! I also got a few posts drafted and spent some time chatting with my family. All in all, it was a really good day and a great way to finish off the weekend.

How was your weekend? Did you have a productive or fun-filled weekend? Let me know in the comments!