Thursday, April 14, 2016

My Favorite Animated Movies

I love animated movies! I have no trouble heading to the movie theater and asking for a ticket to the latest kids' movie. There's so many cute animated movies and when you watch them as an adult you pick up on all of the themes along with the cute jokes and funny moments. I decided to pick out my favorite animated movies from the last few years, because I would really struggle if I was going to name my favorites of all time! 

My Favorite Animated Movies from Courtney's Little Things

Inside Out

If you haven't heard, this movie is all about feelings and what's going on in your head. I love the characterization of the five emotions. They're so true and sometimes I really picture them when I'm really feeling an emotion. They just describe your feelings so perfectly! Since the film is about the emotional life of a young girl, it brought back all sorts of emotions of growing up and how crazy it can be! This film is really so well done - the characters are spot on and the story line is stellar.


I know some people are beyond sick of this movie, but I am still in love. I love the story of sisterly love and possibly mental illness. I strongly identify with Elsa. I love the bond between Ana and Elsa. I love the art/animation. I love the music - I listen to the soundtrack in my car all winter.

The Croods

This movie about a caveman family is pretty darn adorable. It's all about family bonds, especially that between the daughter and father. I first watched this movie while studying abroad which may be why that story line hits me so hard (still). I've cried at least twice watching this. If you need another reason to watch, Emma Stone plays the daughter and again, it's an adorable film.


One, oovs are the cutest aliens. Two, Oh and Tip have the best adventure. Three, this kids' movie has songs by Rihanna and Jennifer Lopez (since they are two of the main characters). Home is about an alien oov, Oh, who just can't seem to fit in with his fellow oov, despite really wanting to have friends. When they colonize planet earth and relocate all the natives (is this a larger commentary?), Tip and her mother are separated. So Tip and Oh team up to find her mom...and escape the other oovs who are looking for them.

Have you seen these movies? If you haven't I really would recommend having a movie night and watching them! They're so charming. What are your favorite animated movies?