Saturday, April 23, 2016

Graduation Gift Ideas

It's almost graduation time! Most of my friends are graduating from undergrad this year and my sister is graduating from high school. That means lots of graduation gifts to buy. It can be hard to find the right graduation gift, especially one that 15 other people won't get for them, too. Since I've thought long and hard about this, here's a list of graduation gift ideas!

Graduation Gift Ideas from Courtney's Little Things

1. Stationary | Whether they're going on to college, grad school, or even work chances are they'll need some notebooks, notepads, and other stationary items.

2. Something fun | You could get them an adult coloring book and colored pencils to help ease the stresses that come with the post-grad life. You could get them a cute tsum tsum or two because really, who doesn't want one? 

3. Home Decor | Chances are they're moving along with graduating so help them make their new place home with some blankets/quilts, art prints, or a nice framed photo.

4. Bath & Body | A nice set of lotion, body wash, and shampoo is exciting when you're an adult. Even better when it's in pretty packaging.

5. Fuel their passion | Does the person love to bake? Get them some cute baking-ware or a cookbook. Does the person love to read? Get them a book off their wishlist or a classic with a beautiful cover. Does the person love to create? You can never go wrong with new paint brushes and a few bottles of paint.

6. Gift Box | A gift box is my favorite answer to all gift dilemmas. Don't know what to get someone or can't find the perfect gift? Just buy a bunch of fun little things to put in a cute mug or basket.

What are your top picks for graduation gifts? Let me know in the comments!


  1. Ahh, thank you! I will be referring back to this!

    1. Feel free to! I'm glad you liked this list :)

  2. I really wish there were some less girly things on this list - I'm on the hunt for something for my boyfriend and I have absolutely no idea what to go for. I'm going to have to look into something that will fuel his passion, hmmm

    Steph -

    1. Sorry! All my friends graduating are female, so I'm afraid it was girls who inspired this list haha. I'd say a nice watch or school supplies if he's going on to more education. I hope you find something!