Thursday, April 21, 2016

Getting Out More

Do you ever get on social media and start feeling like your life is so boring compared to your friends and people you follow? They're all out on vacations, cool day trips, going out with friends, and just doing awesome things while you're sat at home watching yet another episode of the show you're currently binge watching on Netflix.

Here's the good news - that situation can be easily fixed! How? By getting up and going out! Here are a few ideas to help you get out more without breaking the bank.

Getting Out More from Courtney's Little Things

Take a trip to the park.

Take a walk around the local park or plan a day trip to a nearby state or national park. I'm lucky enough to live close to several state parks so I'm planning on making the most of that this summer by visiting a few of them.

Visit a museum.

It seems like every area has at least a few museums. Whether it be a history museum, an art museum, or some strange collection, it's always fun to visit and learn a thing or two. 

Summer festivals/fairs.

Summer is just over the horizon and with summer comes all sorts of festivals and fairs! Town festivals, county and state fairs, and of course music festivals are always happening in summer. I'm not always up for the spinning rides at fairs, but I always like walking through and seeing all the bright colors, smelling all the fair food, and running into people I haven't seen in awhile. Check out when some local fairs or festivals are happening in your area!

Try new restaurants.

If you're like me and my friends, you tend to frequent the same restaurants. We all like to get our usuals and it's easy since we already know we all like and can agree on this restaurant. Sometimes you just need a change though! Find out what cool restaurants are in your area. Maybe there's some local restaurants you've never been to, an ethnic restaurant, or restaurant that serves a type of food you've never tried before.

Visit the library.

As you may know, the local library is a magical place filled with books. Rows and rows of books. And if you're lucky it has cozy little sitting areas to sit down and read. If that doesn't feel like the coziest, most perfect way to spend an afternoon, I don't know what does. Make a trip to the local library, check out a few good books, and see what else your library has to offer. I know our local library has exhibits and classes from time to time.

Getting Out More from Courtney's Little Things

Plan a girls' day.

We all need more girls' days in our lives. Take the initiative and plan something fun for you and your friends! It could be a good shopping day, a girls' weekend trip, or even a well deserved night in. You'll be happy and so will your friends!


Volunteering is a great way to get out more and help others at the same time! I've always really enjoyed volunteering whether it be helping with an event, working with kids, or playing with animals at the animal shelter. It's so rewarding to help others and you get to meet some great people.

Get active.

Yes, I'm going to suggest exercising as a way to get out more. My favorite ways to get out and be active is hiking and kayaking. There's some great trails to go hiking on in my area. I love going out for a hike, enjoying the sunshine and nature, and snapping a few photos. I also really enjoy kayaking. My mom bought 2 kayaks a few summers ago and it has become one of our favorite things to do. It's great to pack them up, head to the lake, and do some kayaking. It's always so beautiful and relaxing on the water. Some other ways to get active would be to join a summer league, get some friends together on the weekend to play a game of basketball, or participate in a marathon like the Color Run.

Create your own event.

If none of these ideas interest you, you could always create your own event! Maybe you'd like to set up a blogger meet up in your area or teach a class. Eventbrite is an event planning site that helps you create any event you can imagine! Eventbrite could help you post and promote your event online, send invitations, track ticket sales or RSVPs, and they offer support if you need help in planning your event!

Those are some of the ways I'm planning on getting out more this summer. I really want to make the most of this summer since it's my last one as a student and I want to make it memorable. What are some ways you're planning on getting out more this summer?