Wednesday, April 6, 2016

April Goals

April is the last month of "normalcy." It's my last month on campus since I will be student teaching in the fall. It's my last month in my current apartment, living with my best friend. It's my last month being in the same town as all my friends since they will be graduating at the end of the month and we will all be going our separate ways for work, grad school, and student teaching. I've been dreading this month a bit all year since I haven't had to deal with this much change in a long time, but I know it will all work out and I'll be moving closer to my goal of being a teacher. 

Before we get into this month's goals, I'll give you a quick update on how I did with my March goals. I wrote some fun posts this month like a post about my favorite books, 10+ things about me, 13 things I love about spring, a look at old Easter photos, and a post about my favorite comedies. My second goal was to enjoy spring break which I most definitely did. It was so wonderful to have time away from classes and spending time with my family. I could've taken another week, but I'll have a few months this summer to enjoy family time and no classes. I also made it a goal to read more which I definitely did as well. I finished two books in March! I read Gifts of Imperfection (which you can read about here) and I Am Malala (which you can read about here). My last goal for the month was to manage stress better, which is always an ongoing battle for me. I'd say I did well managing stress in March, no anxiety filled nights or feeling (too) overwhelmed.

Read Through the Looking Glass

I love Alice in Wonderland! I've read the book by Lewis Carroll and I love both the classic Disney cartoon and Tim Burton's movie, so I was very excited when I found out about Alice Through the Looking Glass coming to theaters in May. I decided I needed to prepare by reading Lewis Carroll's Through the Looking Glass and made it my third book to read this year. I started reading it at the end of March and I want to have it read by the end of this month. I know the movie isn't a retelling of the book, but it's still good motivation to read a classic story.

See The Huntsman: Winter's War

Another movie I am very excited about is the prequel to Snow White and the Huntsman. I loved the evil queen's character (Charlize can be very evil!) and Chris Hemsworth so I was psyched when I started seeing previews for this movie. Emily Blunt looks like she will be a great character in the film and I'm just excited to see it April 22! I'll be at the theater that evening and I will indulge in all the buttered popcorn and chocolates. I'm prepared to see it at least twice.

Enjoy my last month on campus.

As I already mentioned at the start of this post, April is my last month on campus. I want to have fun with my friends, enjoy some walks around campus, and take in all that my college town has to offer. I'm a little sad to be leaving my home of the last four years at the end of the month!

Be more active and eat better.

Being more active and eating better is one of those things we can all improve on and is a continuous process. I started my attempt to be a bit more active and eat better in March and it's been a bit hit or miss. Chocolate and pizza is hard to resist! I want to continue to track what I'm eating and spend some time outside exercising on nice days. 

What are your goals this month? Are you excited for any upcoming movies? Do you have any big changes coming soon?

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