Thursday, March 3, 2016

March Goals

March is looking pretty good to me. The first day of Spring, a concert, and a break from college classes. I'm looking forward to what looks like an "easy" month as far as my work-load is concerned, but we'll see if that holds true.

Before we get into my goals for March, I'l give you a quick update on how I did with my February goals. Journaling - meh. I did a few journal entries, but I also missed 2 weeks of entries. Bedtime routine - good. I started listening to music instead of watching episode upon episode of Netflix and I've been sleeping much better! Balance - good. I managed to keep my life pretty balanced even when it got crazy hectic with group projects.

March Goals from Courtney's Little Things

Write more fun posts.

February had some more serious posts, so I'm wanting to write some more fun posts this month. With Spring and warmer weather right around the corner, I'm in the mood for a brighter outlook here on the blog and want my content to reflect that.

Enjoy Spring Break.

The last full week of March is my Spring Break. While I'm planning on going home for the week, I have to do some college assignments (like spend 2 days observing at a high school) and meet my brother's first serious girlfriend (What is happening!? He was just 12! How is he 20 with a serious girlfriend?!). I'm looking forward to sleeping in a bit, watching a few of my favorite shows, and getting some work done on my blog.


So let's be honest - I didn't open a book for most of February. I really want to start reading more and did so in January, but reading for fun is one of those things I give up when school starts getting crazy. I'm planning on sharing one book here at the end of this month so I have a bit more motivation to get some reading in.

Manage stress better.

This is something that everyone has to constantly work at (right?), or at least that's what I'm telling myself. I can handle a little bit of stress, but I get overwhelmed really easily. This month I'm going to work on managing stress better and finding better ways to deal with stress.

What are your goals this month? Are you excited for Spring and warmer weather?

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