Saturday, March 26, 2016

Favorite Comedies

Laughing is good for the soul. And it's something I love to do. If there's no one around to talk to and laugh with, I'll usually choose to watch a comedy show. These are a few of my favorite comedy shows to watch, and hopefully you'll enjoy them too!

Favorite Comedy Shows from Courtney's Little Things

Bob's Burgers

The Belchers have got to be my favorite family! Bob is a small business owner just trying to make ends meet and come up with clever ideas for his burger of the day. His wife Linda is always singing while Gene is making music. Louise is a little on the manipulative/mischievous side of things and Tina is going through puberty and discovering her feelings for butts and zombies. Basically, it's a great combo of personalities!

American Dad

Seth MacFarlane is probably best known for his first sitcom, Family Guy, but I prefer American Dad. Roger, the alcoholic alien, is probably my favorite character since he's always doing something crazy.

Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope's undeterable enthusiasm and love for her best friend Anne are enough reason for me to watch this comedy. Being from a small town and somewhat enjoying politics, this show makes sense to me on every level and I love all the jokes. Then you add in all the other great characters like the Libertarian ultra-masculine Ron Swanson, the slightly narcissistic Tom Haverford, and the always straight-faced April Ludgate and you've got a great crew.

30 Rock

This comedy is in the same spirit as Parks and Rec, but this is the baby of Amy Poehler's BFF Tina Fey. Liz Lemon might be me in the future - single, constantly taking care of people at work, and talking to some food about all her problems. I love watching all the craziness that ensues with the larger-than-life characters and watching Liz constantly try to please her main actors, writers, and boss.

Favorite Comedy Shows from Courtney's Little Things


Scrubs is the only hospital show I can watch. I love J.D. and Turk's bromance, Turk and Carla's relationship, and generally rude Dr. Cox.


Some people romanticize the friend group that is Friends, but I am all about these sarcastic, rather pessimistic friends on Seinfeld. The infamous "show about nothing" takes on all of those mundane and ridiculous parts of life and turn it into an absolutely hilarious situation.

Golden Girls

A show from the 80s about a bunch of old ladies must be boring, right? Wrong! These ladies are always cracking me up and making me look forward to growing old with a good group of friends (and my mom). If you need another reason, Betty White is in it as the ditzy Rose. There's also Blanche who proves you can still have a sex life in your 60s and the wise-cracking mother-daughter duo Dorothy and Sophia.

So those are my favorite comedy shows to watch! Do you watch any of these? What's your favorite comedy show?

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