Saturday, March 12, 2016

13 Things I Love About Spring

I am so excited for Spring! I've been mentioning little things here and there as to why I'm so happy it's Spring, so I thought I'd write a whole post dedicated to a few of the things I love about Spring!

13 Things I Love About Spring from Courtney's Little Things

1. Sunshine and warmer weather. If it's sunny and above 50, you can bet I'll be enjoying the weather. Especially after vicious Winter winds and below freezing temps!

2. Green grass. It's so reassuring to look down and see beautiful, fresh, green grass instead of ugly, dried up, brown grass.

3. Flowers! While I love seeing everything in nature come back to life from the buds on the trees to green grass, my favorite is to see the tulips and other flowers come up and start blooming! It's even better for me if they're yellow flowers.

4. Butterflies. I've been a sucker for butterflies ever since I was little. In elementary I used to catch butterflies at break time (and then release them!) and I could tell you what each butterfly in our area was. I still love watching butterflies fly from flower to flower, although I've totally forgotten their names.

5. Baby cows. This proves I'm from the country, but I really do love seeing the baby cows in Spring!! They're just so cute following their mama and playing in the pasture.

6. Birds, bunnies, and all the other little creatures. After barely seeing any life all Winter, I love spotting a rabbit or a robin outside in the Spring.

7. Going for afternoon walks. I just love going for a walk in the afternoon, and have already started enjoying afternoon walks on the nice days we've had already. It gets me off my butt, lets me enjoy the sunshine, and helps me burn a few extra calories. It's even better when I bring my camera (or just use my phone) to take photos while I'm out.

8. Bike rides. Bike rides seem like such a Spring-time activity to me.

9. Pastel colors. Going to the store and seeing pastel everything gives me joy and assures me it is indeed Spring. Pastel pink, purple, blue, green, yellow - I'll take one of each!

10. Thunderstorms. While I definitely appreciate the sunshine, there's also something I just love about a good thunderstorm. I love the sound of thunder and seeing flashes of lightning while the rain hits the window. It's so cozy, but then you (hopefully) get to go back to decent Spring weather the next day.

11. Spring break. If you're not in school or in education, you don't get to enjoy this wonderful part of Spring. I look forward every year to getting a week off to enjoy a bit of a break from essays, projects, and readings. It's a great refresher!

12. Trading in bulky sweaters and jeans for short sleeves, capris, and shorts. While I'm always excited to pull out my big, comfy sweaters in Autumn, I'm equally excited when I get to start leaving the house in short sleeves with no jacket.

13. Being able to open windows. There is nothing I love more than being able to open the windows. Not only does it save on energy, but it lets in some fresh air, and just brightens up my mood.

Those are a few of the things I love about Spring. Now tell me yours!