Wednesday, March 30, 2016

12 Reasons to Enjoy Living on Your Own

After living with other people for the past 22 years of my life, I will be moving into an apartment by myself this summer. I've been a little nervous about it, just because I've never had it where I walk in the door and no one's home or coming home later. The longest time alone in my apartment I've spent is on weekends, and even then I can get a little antsy for my flatmate to get back on Sunday. Lately though, I've been thinking of some of the more positive aspects of living alone. So here are 12 reasons to enjoy living on your own.

Reasons to Enjoy Living by Yourself from Courtney's Little Things

1.   You can order pizza three days in a row and now one can say anything to you...except the pizza delivery person.

2.   Pants are optional.

3.   You have full control over the TV.

4.   You can play music whenever you want and however loud you want.

5.   You can go to bed at 8:00 and no one can judge you.

6.   No one cares if you have shoes and clothes laying all over the floor.

7.   You can decorate your apartment however you want to.

8.   You get to eat straight out of the ice cream container.

9.   You don't have to feel bad for taking long showers in the morning or using up all the hot water.

10.  You don't have to plan laundry days because there's no one to share the laundry machine with.

11.  You have full control of the thermostat and the temperature in your home.

12.  So. Much. Space. And it's all yours!

Do you live on your own? What do you enjoy about living alone?