Saturday, January 16, 2016

Winter Must Haves

There are a few things I love pulling out of storage each winter. They just make the season better, warmer, and so much cozier. There are somethings like my favorite gloves and winter hat that maybe aren't so glamorous but are very much appreciated this time of year. Others like all the super soft blankets and fluffy socks just make my day. I hope you're all about all things warm and cozy because they are going to be overused in this post, but they're the best part of winter!

Winter Must Haves | A few of my favorite things to pull out each winter from Courtney's Little Things

A soft and cozy blanket.

I absolutely adore all the soft, plush, fuzzy, and cozy blankets that come out this time of year. I got 2 for Christmas this year to add to the 5 I already have. They're just so cozy! I'm always snuggled up with one as I watch TV, write, and do homework.

Fuzzy socks.

For those of us with constantly cold feet, these are a life saver in winter. Nothing is better than fuzzy socks to keep your feet warm! I used to have a good collection of them, but I had to let a few go at the end of last winter since they were starting to look pretty sad. That just means it's time to buy a few more, right?

A big and cozy sweater.

Big, loose, comfy, cozy sweaters are my favorite. The more oversized they are, the better. I live in sweaters all winter and am always a little sad to put them away at the end of the season. They hide any imperfections you don't like and there's so many cute ones out there!


Dry skin in winter sucks, but the upside is it gives you an excuse to have an ungodly amount of lotions in your drawer. Plus it always feels so luxurious to put on lotion and feel so soft afterwards.

Winter Must Haves | A few of my favorite things to pull out each winter from Courtney's Little Things


Candles here, candles there, candles everywhere. I like burning one in whichever room I'm in. Working is so much more bearable when you have a delicious candle burning next to you. 

Fleece pajama bottoms.

Fleece pajama bottoms are life in winter. I have them in a bunch of fun patterns. I love when I get home for the day and get to put them on to relax in all evening. It's even better on the weekend when I get to lay around in them all day - it's my not so guilty pleasure.

That sweatshirt you've had for 5 years, but it's so comfy that you'll never get rid of it.

We all have one. It's been worn in to perfectly fit your body and even though it might be a little worn, you refuse to let it go. It's the go to  for lazy weekends and cozy nights in.

A big crocheted scarf with sparkles.

For those days when you can't just wear your old and trusty sweatshirt with some fleece pajama bottoms, there's that glorious crocheted scarf with sparkles to dress up any outfit. I have a rather ridiculous amount of scarves for winter, and a good number of them fit this description. They're just so pretty!

Warm vanilla scented everything.

My absolute favorite scent in winter is warm vanilla. Lotion, candles, body spray...everything smells better when it smells like warm vanilla! 

What are your favorite things to pull out each winter?