Wednesday, December 2, 2015

November Favorites

November, it's been fun. I made this month a bit more difficult on myself by choosing to not take care of myself for a few weeks, but I still got to enjoy some pretty great and unforgettable moments. I was able to hear and meet a survivor of the Holocaust, Dr. Inge Auerbaucher, made a few art prints, and spent time with family.

November Favorites | A few of my favorites from this month.

YouTube  This video of a father explaining to his son how to fight guns with flowers and candles after the Paris Attacks is absolutely beautiful and inspiring. After the attacks, I felt a lot like the little boy - I lost my faith a bit because there are bad people in the world. People like his father helped me regain a bit of my faith in humanity by teaching me we can fight guns with flowers.

Netflix On a brighter note, I've found some new comedies! The first is Master of None. This is a Netflix original show created by and starring one of my favorite comedians, Aziz Ansari. If you love his stand up or as Tom on Parks & Rec you will love this show. I (literally) laughed out loud so many times on the first episode.

Another show on Netflix I've been watching is one I'm a bit late to, Bob's Burgers. I had tried watching a few episodes before on TV, but didn't quite get it. I started watching it on Netflix after my brother told me I had to watch it and I am so glad he told me to! It is that sense of humor that I love and I absolutely love that weird but loving family. I can see why everyone's a fan.

Music November Playlist "Hotline Bling," "On My Mind," "Same Old Love," and "House Party" have all been stuck in my head. I haven't listened to Country music in a while, but I watched the CMAs with friends and really liked Sam Hunt. I was also excited to find a new Lorde song. I need her to put out a new album!!

Book Kabul Beauty School. This book is about a hairdresser who goes to Afghanistan with an international aid group and finds that beauty salons are needed in Afghanistan as they bring freedom and economic independence to the women there (as well as the fun of getting your hair and makeup done). It is told from a western stand point, but I learned a lot from this book and it makes me interested in learning more about Afghanistan and it's little corner of the world.

Food Banana Pudding. This is my favorite part of our Thanksgiving meal and I look forward to it every year.

Blogs About Little Thiings is a blog I found this month and I'm so glad that I did! Sara has created a great lifestyle blog filled with great tips and fashion posts. Two of my favorite posts from this month are Motation v. Procrastination and her thoughts on Self-Love.

Dorkface is a blog I've been reading for a few months and I love every post I read. Her Friday Fives series is one of my favorites. I love Jemma's photography style and all the bright colors she uses. Also, she started the Girl Gang you may have heard about and it's really inspiring to see so many women come together to be positive and support one another.

What are some of your favorites from November?

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