Thursday, October 29, 2015

My Morning Routine

Mornings can make or break your day. A bad start to your day can quickly turn into a bad day (or at least it can for me). That's why it's important to create a morning routine that works for you. Having a morning routine helps your morning (and then your whole day) run smoother. I'm going to share my morning routine with you and hopefully this inspires you to create your own morning routine to help your day go better, too!

My Morning Routine

Let me begin this post by saying I have 3 alarms set for every morning. I know it sounds excessive, but they each serve a purpose to make my mornings better. My first alarm goes off at 7 am. This is my "wake up" alarm. I turn on the lamp next to my bed to help me wake up since the sun isn't shining in my window. I use this time to scroll through Instagram or just have a few quiet moments in my bed before the day truly begins.

My second alarm goes off at 7:30 am. This is my "get up out of bed" alarm. I open the blinds in the living room and head over to the kitchen to pour myself a bowl of cereal. Sometimes I watch the news while I eat my cereal and other times I just scroll through social media.

Once I finish my breakfast I take a look at my planner to see what I have going on that day and check the weather to see what to expect outside. With that in mind, I get dressed, brush my teeth, and do my hair (and by "do my hair" I mean brush it and maybe put it in a bun or half ponytail). If I have time I put on makeup, but it's something I feel fine leaving the house without.

My third alarm goes off at 8:30 am. This is my "time to go" alarm (See! I told you they each have a purpose!). When this alarm sounds, I finish up whatever I'm doing, put my bag together, and head out the door.

That's what my typical morning looks like! I stick to this for the most part as it really does help my mornings (and then my whole day) run better. It's also nice to have a little ritual to wake up to every morning. I'm definitely a creature of habit, so this is something that gives me a little peace, even when my week is a bit crazy. 

Do you use multiple alarms? What's your morning routine like?