Monday, August 24, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up No. 07

This week was very calm and relaxed. I didn't have classes or any adventures like last week, so I spent a lot of time just doing my own thing and relaxing with my family. I caught up on some blog reading, got work done for my blog, enjoyed the nice weather outside with my family, and made my bed every day. It was just what I needed before a new semester begins (T-one week!).

Friday I woke up early to take a shower before heading out with my parents and brother for a 6 hour drive to help my brother move in for his second year of college. I rode part of the way with my dad and part of the way with my mom. My dad and I had some really nice conversations, so I enjoyed my time in the car on the way down. 

Once we got down to the town his college is in, we checked into the hotel we were staying at and shortly headed out to dinner. I hadn't ate since breakfast at 10, so I was starving! My dad was pretty set on BBQ, which is always tricky when you're a vegetarian. I ended up getting chips with salsa and queso for dinner while everyone else enjoyed their meat. We ended the evening with a short stop at the mall.

Saturday we got up around 8 and had breakfast at the hotel. Once everyone had showered and packed up their overnight bags, we checked out and headed over to my brother's college. We moved his stuff into his new dorm and put a few things away before going for a little walk around his campus. They have really nice landscaping with gorgeous flowers all over the place. We decided to grab a little snack before saying our goodbyes and leaving him to organize his new dorm. 

On the way home I enjoyed a nice nap which was wonderful since I had woken up a couple times in the night at the hotel (I've been having trouble sleeping lately). I finally got to eat a meal when we stopped at Subway for lunch at 2. I was so happy to finally get something substantial to eat! The rest of the way home felt like a loooong drive and I don't know how my brother does it by himself. When we finally got home, I checked on my turtle (who my teenage brother had taken care of while I was gone) and my mom made a delicious pasta for us all. Homecooked meals always taste better after a couple days away.

The weekend ended on Sunday with a relaxing day at home. I edited some photos and scheduled the posts for this week. They're going to be some good ones with some of my favorite purchases from thrift shops and prop ideas for your photos. I spent the day with my sister watching Bar Rescue and both Addams Family movies and lamenting over our allergies (they're the worst!).

And finally here's some pictures from the weekend:

Weekend Wrap Up No. 07
Weekend Wrap Up No. 07
Weekend Wrap Up No. 07
Weekend Wrap Up No. 07

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  1. The building from your brothers college remind me of some building from my school. Hopefully he has a good year! Also that pasta plate looks delish!