Monday, July 20, 2015

Weekend Wrap Up 03

This weekend I did some cleaning, crafting, and had family over. Very chill, but just what I needed.

Friday I cleaned my turtle's tank out. He moved into his new home a few weeks ago, so it was time for it to get a good, full cleaning. After that I did a good scrub down in my kitchen which made me feel soo much better. Nothing like a clean space to cook in!

Later in the evening I worked on making some planner goodies. I don't know why, but I have been all about creating my own stickers lately.

When I was at Michael's I picked up a few felt stickers to try out making pretty paper clips for my planner.

Saturday my family came over and spent a few hours with me. I was so excited for everyone to see my new apartment. This is my first year where I'm really able to decorate the whole apartment because with the girls I lived with the last 2 years I just wasn't comfortable leaving a lot of my stuff in the common space. This year my friend and I have decorated the apartment and I just love it.

Anyway, my family and I had a good time together. My dad took 2 little naps while he and my brother watched TV. My mom was so happy to see her "grandson" (my turtle) again. We all had a fun time watching him eat his lunch.

I forgot to take pictures of our time together, so sadly I don't have any pictures of us hanging out or eating lunch at Applebee's.

After they left I decorated my planner, looked for more topic ideas to add to my list journal, and did some blog planning for August.

That evening when I looked out my window, it looked so beautiful outside and I knew from the few moments I had spent outside earlier that it was a nice day out, so I went for a little walk.

Sunday morning I slept in a little (a lot). When I finally did get up, I got to work on my bullet journal. Normally I write my to-do lists the night before, but I just didn't get to it on Saturday night. 

After I wrote up my list for the day, I did the #MakeYourMarkJuly challenge. It's a really fun way to spark your creativity and let your inner doodle-bug shine. If you're interested, you should definitely join in on the fun!

I cooked up some Sweet Chili Stir Fry for lunch. I hadn't used that sauce before, but it was delicious.

In the afternoon I picked up my photos I had printed at Walgreens and got to work on my 2014 scrapbook. I know! I got through my Halloween and November photos, so now I just need to work on getting all of my Christmas photos in the scrapbook.

That was my weekend! If you'd like to see how other people spent their weekends, check out Her Heartland Soul for the Weekend Snapshots link up.