Friday, July 3, 2015

Room Organization Diaries: Day 4

Thanks to Jen at iHeart Organizing for giving me the motivation (and accountability) to get these projects done this month. I've had a great time playing along and finding new blogs to read.

This final project is the one I had been putting off: my closet.  The space was not well utilized or well organized, I had scrapbook paper covering half of a door from a previous attempt to beautify my closet, and I hate the old hangers in it (but I feel bad throwing them away because my great grandmother  made them). For this project I knew I had to figure out a better organization system because I keep all of my shirts in the closet, scarves, jewelry, purses, seasonal decorations, workout clothes, and some random tidbits.

I took this project one step at a time, and first up was clearing it out and dusting the inside. Once that was done, I took on organizing the seasonal/holiday d├ęcor at the bottom of my closet. The majority of it was organized (decently) but some of it was scattered about and mixed with other holidays (Christmas and Valentine's don't go together). My system for organizing this stuff is really just using clear folders, shoe boxes, and the decorations itself (like the bucket for Halloween candy holds the Halloween decorations). I don't have too much of this stuff yet, so this system works for now.

I actually spent money on this organizing project, which I hadn't done for the previous three.  I bought a 6 shelf hanging organizer for $7.35 at Walmart. I have one in my apartment and I absolutely love it, so I figured it would do some good in the closet at home, too. I have my swimsuits on the bottom shelf of it, long-sleeve shirts I keep on hand for summer on the next 2 shelves, and tank-tops on the very top shelf. I have one empty shelf, but when I do laundry I'm sure it will get used.

I feel much better now that I have this because it utilizes the space very well and gives me more space. I also put my jewelry and scarves on this side of the closet.

The left side of my closet now holds dressy clothes on the far left, t-shirts and tank tops in the middle, and nice shirts at the front. Color-coding my clothes doesn't work for me because when I get dressed it depends on what I need for that day (i.e. a tank top because it's ungodly hot outside or a nice shirt to go out for a day shopping) not what color I feel like wearing.

On the top shelf of the closet I decided to use the pink crate I freed up during my last organization session to keep work-out clothes in. This works SO much better than stacking them up on the top shelf like I did before. They were falling and taking up way more space than they needed to. This keeps my gym clothes in one spot and will force me to only keep a few gym outfits. On the other side I stacked my extra blankets I have - which will be better than letting them collect dust on top of the closet/armoire - and the random tidbits (extra makeup bags and crochet stuff) is in the center of the top shelf.

I moved my box of winter scarves and bag of purses to the top of the armoire, freeing up more space inside of my closet/armoire.

Even though this still doesn't look like my dream closet, it is much more organized and uses the space I have much more efficiently. It's definitely a step up from where I started and I'm pleased with it.