Wednesday, July 29, 2015

DIY Wall Art

I felt like the wall above my bed was looking pretty bare, so I decided to show it some love. Inspired by Delineate Your Dwelling's Simple Succulet Art, I painted 3 canvases and 1 sheet of watercolor paper I cut into 4 pieces to add some life and color to my boring wall.

I only spent $4 on this project as I had the paint, paint pens, watercolor, paper, and canvases already waiting for me in my art drawer. I absolutely loved the way these pieces turned out and I hope you do, too!

DIY Wall Art

For the watercolor pieces, all you need is a set of watercolor paints, a paintbrush or two, a gold and a black paint pen, water, and paper. 

If you plan on cutting your paper down to size like I did, you'll also need a pencil, scissors, and a ruler.

I only used 2 colors for the background: pink and blue. I just did a little abstract mix of the two on my watercolor paper and didn't worry about how it looked too much, as it's just the background for the pieces.

After letting it dry, I flipped the paper over so I could mark out four 4x6 rectangles to fit in my frames. 

To get straight lines with just a ruler, pencil, and scissors it helps to mark out 4 inches from the top at several different places on your paper and then connect them with using your ruler and pencil to get a straight line. 

Finally it was time to add the designs! I did 2 cactuses following Amy's Simple Succulent Art blog post and I did 2 arrow designs. I love how these turned out.

For the abstract paintings I did on canvas I used a combination of 5 paints (don't ask why I have I have 6 pictured), a sponge brush, a plate for mixing colors, and of course canvases.

I painted the canvases white to soften the canvas before loosely adding in strips of pink and blue.

Here's the pieces all together before getting framed and hung on the wall.

And here's what they look like framed and on the wall. I love the extra color they add and the little extra "oomph" they give the space.

Have you made any cool art for your walls lately? Do you think you'll try something like this for some thrify decoration in your home?

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