Wednesday, July 8, 2015

DIY Planner Cover

As you may have figured out, I am a bit of a planner addict. I love planning and staying organized, but not enough to spend $70+ on a cute binder for it. I have a Blue Sky notebook planner and I love it. Still, I have been wanting something a little different lately.

On Instagram, I found Rachel's picture of a super cute "quiltdori" and fell in love. It's so cute and you can personalize it however you want. My mom loves quilting so I figured she'd have some extra fabric I could borrow for this project (and don't worry, she did).

DIY Planner Cover

I went shopping in mom's sewing room and found this floral print on blue and pink chevron that I settled on for my planner cover.

To make it, I measured 5 inches past my planner on each side of it when the planner is open. 

I cut the blue fabric then measured it so I would know how long the pink fabric for the pocket should be. Since the blue fabric was 21 inches long, I cut the pink fabric that long as well. I decided I wanted the pink to cover about 5 inches of the 11 inches the blue fabric covered so I cut the pink fabric down to 5 inches wide.

Next it's lots of folding and ironing. I folded the pink fabric 1/4 inch down on the back side of the fabric, pinned, and ironed it than did the same on the other side of it twice. 

Then with the blue fabric I folded it about 1/4 of an inch, pinned it and ironed it, then folded it down a second time and repeated the process (fold another 1/4 inch, pin, iron).

DIY Planner Cover

Finally it's time to sew! I sew down the blue fabric folds first, than ONE side of the pink fabric.

Now it's time for the blue and pink fabric to meet. The unsewn fold meets at the bottom with one of the blue folds and you then pin and sew these two pieces together. 

Once that's done you fold the side edges over once about 1/4 inch, pin, iron, and then fold it over once more, pin, iron and then sew. Repeat on the other side.

Next you place your planner in the center of the fabric, and fold the sides in so the fabric cover will stay on the planner. Pin at the top and bottom, iron, and it's time to sew again! 

Once you sew the inside flaps, you're ready to put your planner in, and now you have a beautiful planner cover!

DIY Planner Cover

I absolutely love mine. It's so handy because I can just slide in the stickers I use all the time in the inside pockets. Plus, I'm absolutely in love with the fabrics. They're so pretty and bright.